Ancestors Mcc 11th Drunken A$$holes Rally

The Ancestors Mcc are celebrating their 21st Anniversary this year and plan to make their annual rally will be the best one yet.

Ancestors Mcc Press Release –

The party starts on Friday 6th with live music and DJ and if anyone feels like giving a tune they are some than welcome to grab the mike and get singing. There will be live music on saturday afternoon outside so you won’t have to miss out on our fantastic weather. Live music on saturday night also.

There is hard secure parking and plenty of camping space and those staying can have a hot shower if they wish (see all mod cons). Our burger van is the best in the north and will be open from friday evening till sunday when no ones left. As always there will be stalls for those essentials.

Our annual custom show will be held on saturday with judging saturday evening each winner will receive trophies and prizes from drink to clothing and travel vouchers.

Other info, we will have a ride out route to be decided on saturday afternoon for anyone wanting to join in. We will have our silly games and whatever inflatable’s we can get our hands on (except of the life like kind). As always a nice warm shot of poteen on the gate and patch included in the price.

There will be helicopter rides on offer for £25 per person over the Mourne mountains for approx 20 min.

Mart Fallon from the Motorsport Academy will be bringing his monster energy wheelie machine all the way from Galway, for more info check out

Cherrybomb will be on hand all weekend for those needing a bit of ink, you can check out his work at

The CMA will be bring their Holy Joes cafe for those need a refreshing cuppa and a bit of relaxation. We are thankful they returned after last year!

Ginger Parts Motorcycle parts and accessories will have his stall on site but anyone wanting to ordered goods in advance by 4th August can be collected at the rally shipping cost free. Frank the oil man who is an agent for Global Lubrications NI will also be bring stalls for all you’re motorcycling needs.

Families are welcome but children are not allowed in the bar after 7. There will be a face painter and bouncy castle on saturday to help keep them entertained, there is goody bags for each child under 12. Under 12’s also go free.

Due to the recession we are forced NOT to put up the prices it will be £10 as it has always been. As always a nice warm shot of poteen on the gate and patch included in the price.

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Belfast Custom Bike Show 2010

Returning to Belfast’s Custom House Square is the Belfast Custom Bike Show on Saturday 24th July 2010 from Noon – 6pm.  Entry costs £5.00 and further details about what to see and do are below.

Show entries no later than 12 noon
Categories for this drive-in show include Best of Show, Best Engineering, Best Chop, Best Paint, Best Streetfighter, Best Scooter, Best Trike, Best Classic and Best Ladies Bike!

Live music from Belfast greasers, The Sabrejets – Hot food & drinks – On-site bar – Pinstriping from Nefarious – Ladies ! – Vintage hairdressing – Auto Jumble – Vintage clothing – Merchandise including new 2011 HAMC Nomads calendar – Big prize raffle – Trade stands – Body painting by Alternative Ink

After show party with Red Hot Roosters,
Shorts Social Club, 8pm – LATE, £5
Shorts Social Club, Aircraft Park, 366 Holywood Road, BT4 1SL

Free secure overnight camping at Shorts Social Club from 11am on day of show – only 5 minute drive from show site

Families welcome – Kids free admission – Kid’s events include bouncey castle, face painting & kid’s entertainer

For all enquiries please

Also visit the website at

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CBT arrives in Northern Ireland

Right To Ride have reported today on the arrival of CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) to Northern Ireland.  Currently anyone can jump on a 125cc bike with no training, just a provisional licence or car licence and ‘have a go’ in traffic, which is something I personally (Editor Nick) thought was nuts!  When I first got on a bike and snaked uncontrollably down the country road near my home ‘must get some training!’ was the first thought in my head.  For anyone intending to make their way safely on busy roads amongst distracted, asleep, on the phone, eating a burger while holding a can of beer, I’ve seen it all, car drivers, even basic training in handling your ride should be welcomed.

More of the story from Right To Ride is below and head over to their site for more information on the 3rd European Driving Licence Directive of which the in introduction of CBT is a part.


Compulsory Basic Training – To Be Introduced In Northern Ireland

Twenty years after Compulsory Basic Training (CBT ) was introduced in the rest of the United Kingdom, the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) will be introducing a system of CBT in Northern Ireland to be completed by those wishing to ride a motorcycle as a learner rider on public roads.

In addition an Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) Register, similar to that of the present Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Register, will be introduced in order to regulate this training. Both the Approved Motorcycle Register and Compulsory Basic Training are planned to be introduced by December 2010.

The Scheme

The CBT scheme in NI will be based on the current scheme in Great Britain, which has been in place since 1990. The training will be aimed at all learner motorcyclists on NI roads. In effect, persons riding a motorcycle using provisional entitlement will have to complete CBT prior to riding on public roads, whether this entitlement is on a separate provisional licence, or part of a full driving licence.

In essence any motorcyclist who does not have a full motorcycle licence will have to complete CBT, and provide a certificate as proof of completion if requested. Once completed, the CBT certificate will be valid for two years. If a rider has not gained a full motorcycle licence by the expiry date of the CBT certificate, CBT will need to be retaken and the certificate renewed.

Learner motorcyclists who have provisional motorcycle entitlement prior to the introduction of CBT will be encouraged to complete a CBT course as soon as possible as they only have 12 months from its introduction to continue riding a motorcycle on public roads.

Full car licence holders will continue to get provisional motorcycle entitlement on their licence after the introduction of CBT, however, they will not be able to ride a motorcycle on the road until they hold a valid CBT certificate.

In order to be eligible to take a CBT course, a learner rider would require provisional Category A (motorcycle) or P (moped) entitlement. This will allow the learner to sign up for a course and ride on the road under the supervision of an Approved Motorcycle Instructor whilst undergoing CBT training.

Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) Register

The AMI register is being introduced in order to regulate the qualification and approval of motorcycle instructors who will provide on-road motorcycle tuition and CBT training. As a basis, the AMI scheme will be similar to the ADI scheme which is currently in place for learner vehicle drivers.

However, this scheme will be aimed specifically at those wishing to teach learner motorcyclists. An AMI will issue the CBT certificate once a learner has reached the standard expected within the CBT scheme.

Anyone wishing to provide tuition for remuneration (payment) on riding motorcycles will have to be listed as an instructor on the AMI register in order to do so. Individuals who are already listed on the voluntary motorcycle register will have ‘grandfather rights’ to the AMI Register and a maximum six-month period to apply for registration once the register is introduced.

Right To Ride Comment

We believe that initial rider training in whatever form it is presented is crucial for novice riders.  CBT will provide “off road” and “on road” training elements, giving new riders the basic instruction of how to handle a motorcycle on public roads.  There will be a cost to this of course, but we would expect that this cost will be kept to a level that is affordable.

For Right To Ride, the most important change in tandem with the introduction of CBT, will be the introduction of an AMI register to regulate the qualification and approval of motorcycle instructors, so that trainees should know that they are getting instruction that is both professional and regulated.

The introduction of CBT in Northern Ireland is linked to the introduction of 3rd European Driving Licence Directive (3DLD) which is designed to harmonize motorcycle licences across Europe and enters into force as of 19th January 2013.

The 3DLD will introduce a progressive and direct access licensing system with CBT as a starting point for riders, if they wish to progress to a larger motorcycle in various steps. Along this progression (still to be decided) there are various tests or training to progress to the next licence category (there are 4 in total), which includes the introduction of a Direct Access Scheme (DAS) to larger motorcycles if over a certain age.

However we must remember that CBT is basic training which has been formalised to an approved standard, CBT is the starting point for learning to ride and remains the basic training that you must complete.

Even after completing these various compulsory stages, riders have available to them voluntary post rider training to achieve an advanced motorcycle test, either through private commercial trainers, IAM or RoSPA or the PSNI BikeSafe one hour assessments which are designed to introduce riders to advanced training.

Ideally through compulsory and voluntary training we should have riders that have the requirements, skills and knowledge to ride safely on our roads.

Riding a motorcycle is a learning curve, interaction with other riders and drivers is a skill, but there is another element of riding which is fun and the simple pleasure that riding a motorcycle offers.

Information – Links

View text on Right To Ride – Leave your comments –

Download the leaflet – pdf 309kb – Click Here

For further information regarding CBT and the AMI Register contact DVA – Email:

Visit the NI Direct Gov and DVA websites

Riding Motorcycles and Mopeds –
About compulsory basic training (CBT) –

Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) –

Introduction of an Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) Register and Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) –

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The Bangor Elim Church Car & Motorcycle Show

Last Saturday RTWW was at the Bangor Elim Church Car & Motorcycle show, and the RTWW Flickr page has been updated with some pictures from the day.  The show was well attended as always and benefited from fantastic weather (This Editor still has the sunburn to show for it!)

The show featured a good collection of bikes and trikes from all eras, alongside classic British cars from the last few decades.

Stunt shows from former European extreme stunt riding Champion Kevin Carmichael

…and Relentless UKFMX

…were expertly done and great fun for the crowds.  Other features of the day were the fashion show and judging of the best bikes and cars attending the show.

This was the 8th show at the Elim Church and many of those regular attendees said it was the best yet.  Well done to the organisers and RTWW is looking forward to next years show.

Pictures from the Show are available on our Flickr Photostream

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Countdown to the North West 200

It’s that time of year again as Northern Ireland goes bike mad with the return of the North West 200 and you can follow all the action on the official website,  Northern Ireland’s North coast will be packed with thousands of bike fans this weekend for one of the world’s greatest road races which always brings guaranteed thrills.  If you are heading up there you may find useful our partner Ride It Right‘s interactive coastal route map, which was designed to get the best, and safest, ride out of the fantastic roads around the event.

Ride It Right has held a number of very successful meetings and events in the past to promote the safe riding of this route.  Visit the Ride It Right web site for the full interactive map.

Also, if you can’t make it to the North West itself, the BBC has extensive coverage on its dedicated website

If you are up there have a great time and, if you get any good pics of the riders or just of you and your ride at the event, send them in to or post them on our Facebook Page.

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All Northern Irish motorcyclists have the right to clean roads!

A new Facebook Group has been founded to fight for safer roads for Northern Ireland bikers.  This cause was founded by Stephen Leathem (Leo), on behalf of all motorcyclists in Northern Ireland and he is going to tackle the problem of the condition of our roads….with your help hopefully he will succeed!

The Group States;

Join us and support us in our pursuit to have our local government sit up and take notice of the disgraceful state of our roads….we are talking about everything from potholes to farmers trailing mud all over the B-roads.  We pay our Road Tax just like everyone else and have the right to clean, safe roads!  Please feel free to send us any photos of the poor road conditions or post them yourself on the wall and we will make sure they go to the right place.  Join the cause before there is another life and bike ruined!

This is one of a number of worthy attempts to highlight road issues for bikers and you will find another awareness campaign ‘Fix A Road’ over on our partners Write to Ride web site.



Those of you who read MCN will also know they are making efforts to highlight the problems of potholes specifically, as part of a nationwide attempt to name and shame councils which refuse to assist their efforts.

Bikers aren’t alone in this campaign either as RTWW’s Editor Nick Moore carries out Rural Regeneration and Community Development work via a number of different enterprises, and is putting together the ‘Action For Rural Roads Campaign’ which initially targets the Ards Peninsula in Co.Down, and brings together support from Community Groups and Police partnerships in that area.  More details on this project will be available soon.

It would seem the spotlight is well and truly on N.I. roads and as it’s election season again our timing couldn’t be better to apply a little pressure.  Show your support for these campaigns and help make the Province’s roads safer for all.

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Important Stories on “Write To Ride”

Our motorcycling partners over at Write To Ride have highlighted a couple of important stories of late and make a good case for better representation of bikers rights.

The 1st is the horrific tale of a fellow biker in Norway that, after being run down and seriously injured by a car driver, has found no justice or recompense for his accident as a judge has let off the driver in question!  The reason being, and I kid you not, was that the motorcycle was harder to see than a car.  Is that to be an official excuse now for hitting bikes;

“I couldn’t really see the bike your honor they’re not as wide as a car y’know.”
“Oh that’s ok if the other guy was stupid enough to ride a motorcycle the risk is his and I’m sure you had a good look around you, case dismissed.”

Head over to Write To Ride for more on this story and how you can lend your voice to the Norwegian Motorcyclists Union in support of the injured biker.


The 2nd story involves the new Roads Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland.  The Department of the Environment’s (DOE) Minister, Edwin Poots has launched the DOE’s consultation paper to prepare a new road safety strategy for Northern Ireland which will cover the years 2010 to 2020.

The Minister said: “Improvement is also necessary to reduce injuries to older pedestrians and motorcyclists and to deal with the increased risks faced by children in areas of deprivation.  To be effective a new strategy must tackle these issues.

Write to Ride covers the details of the proposed Strategy here and voices its concerns on some of the suggestions targeted at motorcyclists.

Ride The Wild Wind agrees wholeheartedly with the opinions of Write to Ride in this matter and would encourage our readers to give their support to Write To Ride which is fast becoming the voice for riders rights in Northern Ireland.  RTWW has heard many complaints about the lack of action by other riders rights organisations in the UK and how they’re lethargic approach to the machinations of Europe, and local government, are letting Brussels buffoons walk all over us.  This isn’t the case with Write To Ride who have been very active in challenging anti-bike bias and keeping a watchful eye on riders rights in general.  Head over to their site today and show your support.

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