A new Monster has escaped from Ducati

Spy shots showing what may be Ducati’s next monster have been doing the rounds on-line.  Clearly a sizable roadster, using the company’s monster trellis frame, dash, single swing arm, coupled with side mounted exhausts.  Is this the newest monster Ducati will unleash on us?  Hope so as it looks like a pretty mean road warrior even in these hastily taken shots by a sharp eyed photographer.  Ducati have once again with a quick test ride generated a wave of interest in their bikes in much the same way they did with the Multi-Strada, which has gone on to take the world by storm.

More images are available on Italian bike site www.motoblog.it

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Ducati – The Story, the definitive Ducati history on DVD

Ducati is launching the definitive history of its company’s history in a new DVD to be released this July.  Ducati – The Story features archive footage and photographs never seen before as well as interviews with almost anyone related to the success of the Italian company since 1926 when it was formed.

The official word on the film states ; ‘Ducati presents its history on a stunning movie on DVD. Premiered at World Ducati Week 2010, the DVD is now available at the Misano World Circuit, the Ducati Museum bookshop and Factory Store and will be available in Ducati Stores around the world. Soon, it can also be ordered online.’

The web site for ordering http://www.strikevideo.it/ is still under construction but worth keeping an eye on.

You can see the trailer for Ducati -The Story below.

The DVD will be available from Ducati outlets and dealerships from July 2010

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The New Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Teaser

Kawasaki has launched a teaser web site for the newest version of its Ninja ZX-10R.

The site features a brief promo movie and a sketch of the World Super Bike model, and if the road version looks anything like it we’re in for a treat.

The bike looks so sharp you could cut yourself on it!  Keep an eye on the for more developments by clicking here

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2010 Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z Official Commercial Video

Yamaha has released its official commerical video for the 2010 Super Tenere XT1200Z and it looks pretty sharp.  Check it out below..

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Snapped Out & About, The New BMW K1600LT Tourer

A snap shot of the rumored BMW K1600LT has shed some light on the new tourer from the German company.

This was one of the bikes mentioned by BMW at the unveiling of their six-cylinder engine in concept form at the Milan Motorcycle Show.

While the concept bike looked awesome it does make a bit more sense to build a big tourer around it, and as always, when it comes to sensible decisions, BMW delivers.  More details as we get them.

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Horex Motorcycles are Back!

Mystery solved!  A few weeks a go RTWW came across a German web site counting down to the launch of a new bike, see here.  That bike has been revealed as the Horex VR6 officially resurrecting the classic Horex brand which died out decades ago, and what a bike they’re returning with.  The original Horex brand was founded in 1923 by glassware company Rex and existed until 1960 when the company was bought up by Daimler-Benz.  After weeks of teasing on their ‘Das Neue Motorrad’ web site the new Horex bike has been unveiled as a naked beast  with a 1218cc triple overhead camshaft supercharged VR6 engine.  The bike also features a belt drive and ABS to partner that big engine and overall looks very nice indeed.

But do we need another naked bike given the wealth of choice out there already?  This was a question answered by Clemens Neese, chief executive officer of Horex GmbH.  “Does the world need another motorcycle brand? Probably not, but riding a bike is more than a form of mobility on two wheels.  It’s raw emotion combined with a passion for technology and everything that’s new and exciting!  I’m a bike enthusiast and I haven’t seen anything like this on the market in years.”

The Horex web site says of the VR6…

This is it – a compact, self-assembled roadster with unique VR technology and self-confident, clean design. She exudes vitality, and undisguised force of momentum.

The heart of the new HOREX proposes in its VR-cylinder engine. It is first and only motorcycle engine of the world’s space-saving arrangement of cylinders. A world premiere at the motorcycle is also the combination of the engine with a direct-driven centrifugal compressor. What are the advantages of this force package? With only 429 millimeters in width at the cylinder head unit is building the so small and compact as comparable four-cylinder motorcycle engines. But that is not its only unique feature: the smooth and consistent power delivery at low engine speeds – a distinct advantage in terms of driveability – owes to the VR6 its exceptionally broad torque band and the additional charge by the centrifugal compressor. performance in all situations, combined with compact handling – the opens a new dimension of driving pleasure on two wheels.

While the bike won’t be available until Q4 2011 that will at least give you time to get saving your pennies as the ball-park price will be around £16,000.  However, it’s officially on this Editor’s ‘I want one’ list, gonna have to get some advertising on this blog to pay for this ever growing list!

Specs are below and the offiicial Horex GmbH wesite can be found at http://www.horex.com/

The Horex VR6 Specs

Type VR6, 15° V-angle, mirrored
cylinder offset
Capacity cc 1218
Bore/Stroke mm 68/55
Max output 200bhp @ approx.8500 RPM
Max torque Nm >150
No. of cylinders 6
Compression ratio 9:1
Valve configuration TOHC
(triple overhead cam)
Valves per cylinder 3, radial configuration
Throttle butterfly diameter mm 50
Compressor type Rotrex radial compressor
C-series, detachable
Compressor drive via Geared crank web
Compressor drive with Belt, variable ratio
Compressor operating pressure Dep. on vehicle version
Power transmission
Clutch Multi-disc oil bath clutch,
operated hydraulically
Gearbox Six-speed-gearbox
Rear wheel drive Belt
Secondary drive ratio 1:2.36

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Right To Ride Gets a Re-vamp

Our partners over at Right To Ride have re-vamped their site, press release below, and RTWW can’t stress enough that riders show their support to Right To Ride and their efforts in ensuring Bikers rights are not over-looked.  Check out the Right To Ride press release below and head over to their site today and sign up..


Back To Rights

9th June 2010

Right To Ride today launches its brand new website with a new address www.righttoride.co.uk dropping the “Write” and putting the “Right” back into Rider’s Rights.

Apart from looking all shiny and new, the main change is to give a direct opportunity for visitors to the site to comment on the news stories, the issues, the consultations and the campaigns that we are involved in.

Our main aims and objectives remain unchanged, however we are reiterating that at Right To Ride we can only do this by consultation with and support from riders; to define our position which is that there is always a line that we will not cross when engaging with authorities and decision makers, principles which we will not compromise under any circumstance.

Right To Ride’s, Trevor Baird, says, “Our thanks to all the clubs and individual riders that have supported Right To Ride over the past year.

We’ve been asked what added value can Right To Ride give to Northern Ireland motorcyclists.

The answer is simple: Right To Ride is a point of reference not just for bikers, riders, motorcyclists, whatever you ride but also for decision makers.  When the authorities put out consultations on road safety issues, training, legislation etc, they always look for a relevant organisation to discuss these issues with.  When bikers are given a raw deal or are unfairly treated by businesses or the authorities, they look for a fellow biker who can help them. In a nutshell, this is what we do.

The other change at Right To Ride is that you can sign up to support Right To Ride either as an Individual Rider, Motorcycle Club or Business, with no membership fees. As a supporter you will receive a supporter’s card.

We also have, “”Don’t Expect Us To Be Quiet!” stickers. You don’t have to be a supporter to receive these.

What’s coming up from Right To Ride?

Our reply to the DOE’s consultation on a Road Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland;

Our views on proposals regarding the introduction of the 3rd European Driving Licence Directive in Northern Ireland, as a follow up to our reply to the Northern Ireland consultation;

Keeping an eye on the review that Roads Minister Department for Transport in Great Britain has announced which will re-evaluate:

1) The manoeuvres carried out in both modules 1 (off-road) and 2 (on-road) and whether these manoeuvres could safely be conducted in the on-road test.

2) Other related motorcycle testing and training issues, including the options for training and testing for progressive access under the third driving licence directive and how any changes relate to wider proposals to improve motorcycle training and testing.

We have written to our authorities to ask if motorcycle riders, trainers, road safety groups, the wider public and others will have the same opportunity in Northern Ireland;

We are looking at a project in Europe which is proposing a force feed throttle to warn riders if they are speeding, where the throttle of a motorcycle can be controlled automatically and the rider has no control over the throttle and thus the bike.

Right To Ride is attending the 1st International Motorcyclists’ Conference to be held in Brussels at the end of June.

This conference is organised by the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations, with the support of other rider federations from Canada and Australia, safety organisations, businesses and the European Commission.


The old website, www.writetoride.co.uk if technology works, will automatically route to the new website www.righttoride.co.uk so if you have linked to us or certain pages these links will go to the new website.

We have produced new logos which can be downloaded from http://www.righttoride.co.uk/?page_id=80

If you have linked to our RSS feed this has now moved to http://www.righttoride.co.uk/?feed=rss2

Also our email addresses have changed to reflect the new website.

General Inquires: info@righttoride.co.uk

Trevor Baird: trevor.baird@rightoride.co.uk

Elaine Hardy: research@righttoride.co.uk

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