Horex Motorcycles are Back!

Mystery solved!  A few weeks a go RTWW came across a German web site counting down to the launch of a new bike, see here.  That bike has been revealed as the Horex VR6 officially resurrecting the classic Horex brand which died out decades ago, and what a bike they’re returning with.  The original Horex brand was founded in 1923 by glassware company Rex and existed until 1960 when the company was bought up by Daimler-Benz.  After weeks of teasing on their ‘Das Neue Motorrad’ web site the new Horex bike has been unveiled as a naked beast  with a 1218cc triple overhead camshaft supercharged VR6 engine.  The bike also features a belt drive and ABS to partner that big engine and overall looks very nice indeed.

But do we need another naked bike given the wealth of choice out there already?  This was a question answered by Clemens Neese, chief executive officer of Horex GmbH.  “Does the world need another motorcycle brand? Probably not, but riding a bike is more than a form of mobility on two wheels.  It’s raw emotion combined with a passion for technology and everything that’s new and exciting!  I’m a bike enthusiast and I haven’t seen anything like this on the market in years.”

The Horex web site says of the VR6…

This is it – a compact, self-assembled roadster with unique VR technology and self-confident, clean design. She exudes vitality, and undisguised force of momentum.

The heart of the new HOREX proposes in its VR-cylinder engine. It is first and only motorcycle engine of the world’s space-saving arrangement of cylinders. A world premiere at the motorcycle is also the combination of the engine with a direct-driven centrifugal compressor. What are the advantages of this force package? With only 429 millimeters in width at the cylinder head unit is building the so small and compact as comparable four-cylinder motorcycle engines. But that is not its only unique feature: the smooth and consistent power delivery at low engine speeds – a distinct advantage in terms of driveability – owes to the VR6 its exceptionally broad torque band and the additional charge by the centrifugal compressor. performance in all situations, combined with compact handling – the opens a new dimension of driving pleasure on two wheels.

While the bike won’t be available until Q4 2011 that will at least give you time to get saving your pennies as the ball-park price will be around £16,000.  However, it’s officially on this Editor’s ‘I want one’ list, gonna have to get some advertising on this blog to pay for this ever growing list!

Specs are below and the offiicial Horex GmbH wesite can be found at http://www.horex.com/

The Horex VR6 Specs

Type VR6, 15° V-angle, mirrored
cylinder offset
Capacity cc 1218
Bore/Stroke mm 68/55
Max output 200bhp @ approx.8500 RPM
Max torque Nm >150
No. of cylinders 6
Compression ratio 9:1
Valve configuration TOHC
(triple overhead cam)
Valves per cylinder 3, radial configuration
Throttle butterfly diameter mm 50
Compressor type Rotrex radial compressor
C-series, detachable
Compressor drive via Geared crank web
Compressor drive with Belt, variable ratio
Compressor operating pressure Dep. on vehicle version
Power transmission
Clutch Multi-disc oil bath clutch,
operated hydraulically
Gearbox Six-speed-gearbox
Rear wheel drive Belt
Secondary drive ratio 1:2.36

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  1. I am a HOREX fan. I use to have a HOREX REGINA 400 year 1954. That was marvelous. The new Horex VR6 will be, without doubt, the best to find in the world in its class.
    Would I be younger for sure I will adquire one of them…
    Best wishes with the new Model VR6.

    Regards, Adolfo.

  2. hi. i have horex regina 350 cc and400 cc ,i’m from INDONESIA, i’m glad to hear hrex is back, please give me more dtail how can i buy,…thanks, regad, devi

    • Hi devi, thanks for the comment, nice to hear from a dedicated Horex fan! The new machine from Horex is due for release in the last quarter of 2011 so unfortunately you’ve still a year to wait. Keep an eye on their website for developments at http://www.horex.com/

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