The Ducati Diavel is ready for launch

Quick thinking camera jockeys in Italy have caught what appears to be the finished Ducati Diavel power cruiser out for a test run.  Due for an official unveiling in Milan next month the Ducati’s big gamble, though from the way everyone is drooling over it it’s bound to sell very well, appears to be ready to hit showrooms.

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The Milan Motorcycle Show 2010 Round Up..

Well, a little delayed I know but we got there in the end, here's a round up of news from last week's Milan Motorcycle Show…

Rieju RS3 1Rieju RS3 2

First up was a few details of Rieju’s new RS3 sports 125, a
replacement for Rieju’s old RS2 Sportster. It's designed in
partnership with the UK-based Xenophya Design, and while looking good
owes a little more than a nod to Honda styling.

Powered by a Yamaha-Minerelli 125cc engine set in a composite
steel/aluminium perimeter frame it has some great specs and parts
list. Pricing TBC

Ducati, Ducati, Ducati… Italy's
finest had an unfair home advantage in Milan and boy did they make
the most of it. They launched the undeniably hottest new thing, its
Multistrada 1200 (though the 200 mile at best tank range is still
bugging me) amongst several other new machines.

A new 1100 Hypermotard Evo and Evo SP,
which are high class variations of the popular standard
specification 1100 model. According to the company these posher
versions are 7kg lighter and with a 5bhp power increase it should
bring the new bikes to 95bhp.

Deep breath, and there's more… The
1198r Ducati Corse, which while you could say it's just a tarted up
1098, it's more of a high class call-girl version of the drool
inducing sports bike.

As mentioned in a previous post BMW launched their incrementally
updated GS and RT models. Not enough to steal the Multistrada's
thunder but perhaps enough (barely) to keep the legions of BMW fans

The company also revealed a concept bike which appeared to only be
there to showcase the engine, an across the frame 6-Cylinder 1600,
which according to sources within the company will power a new tourer
designed to compete with other mile munchers from Victory, Harley
Davidson, and Triumph.

Oh and speaking of Triumph they revealed factory fitted big bore
kits on a limited run for the new Thunderbird giving torque and bhp a
boost. Also mentioned were new paint finishes for some of their
range, with the Thunderbird getting a metallic shimmer to add some
more class to an already great looking bike.

Moto Guzzi showed off its new V12
concept at the show, with its eight valve 1200cc engine.
Built to a design by Pierre Terblanche, the concept has a cast
aluminium frame, and apparently is the base from which a number of
bikes can be built upon. Keep your eyes peeled for a series of
production machines in 2010!

KTM had a small but significant showing
for its new 125cc learner bike. Hopefully the UK economy can support
the growing number of 'learner' bikes out there in the face of
falling sales and a huge drop in bike test registrations.

That's the update for this year's show, phew!  Roll on 2010 as it looks like we're in for some amazing new bikes…. start saving now!

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The Milan Motorbike Show is on..Yeah Baby!!

Famous as it is for it's fashion
shows a much much more important event this year is the 67th
International Motorcycle Exhibition. Every big manufacturer is there
basking in the Italian sunshine, while we freeze over here …swines.

There will be news aplenty of concepts
and 2010 models with everyone setting up their sales for the New Year
hoping we'll be drooling over the hi-tech wonderment on offer. 
Also this year is a 'show within a show termed Energy for the
Environment.  This will feature a big focus on hybrid and
electric motorcycles and bicycles, giving battery run transport a big
commercial push into 2010.

News from the show is starting to
appear and we'll have a round up of items shortly.

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Ducati Multistrada – The GS Killer?..

Due to make it’s first official appearance at the upcoming Milan bike show, Ducati has confirmed what was on the rumour mill for months.  Its new GS killer ‘do everything’ bike will be called the Multistrada 1200.

There’s been quite a lot of interest in this bike as teaser shots taken during test runs, especially off road ones, showcased a superbly capable machine, which might, might, upset things for BMW.  Their GS has been hugely successful and no other attempt to challenge it has been successful yet, but things may change.

I’m hoping it does as it should shake BMW out of its complaciency and hopefully promote further innovation in the field of ‘adventure’ motorcycles.

Check out the teaser site at Personally I shouldn’t get so excited as there’s no way my wee legs would reach the ground on these bikes but one can dream! – Nick

Ducati Multistrada off road testDucati Multistrada in the rough

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