The Ducati Diavel is Almost Here

Ducati have unleashed the new Diavel power cruiser on-line with the first official image of the company’s next big hit.  Spy shots from numerous sites have littered the web for months but this is Ducati’ s first teaser image, but due to all the spy shots it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.  It is however nice to see a glossy image of what is likely to big a huge hit for Ducati, another in a long line of well received bikes over the last year.

No specs yet beyond the Testastretta engine, the same 150bph beast that powers the Multistrada, with ABS, Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Riding Modes also mentioned.  However with the bike due for an official launch at the EICMA International Motorcycle Show in Milan which runs from 2-7 November, we don’t have long to wait.

The official word from Ducati’s web site says;

The innovative new Ducati to be unveiled at the Milan show

After months of speculation and spy photography the long wait is almost over, the Diavel will make its first public appearance at the EICMA International Motorcycle Show in Milan 2-7 November. Officially announcing the new model’s name ahead of the official presentation, the famous Italian manufacturer is about to turn another dream into reality, using the local Bolognese dialect word for “devil” in naming their new model Diavel – pronounced Dee-ah-vel. The idea for the name was born early in the development process of the bike, when the prototype was assembled and wheeled out in front of a group of Ducati engineers and technicians for the first time. One person looking from the rear of the bike saw its silhouette and exclaimed in Bolognese dialect: “Ignurànt comm’ al diavel!” Meaning: “Evil, like the devil!” From then on, Diavel became the internal nickname for the project, which Ducati now makes official as it approaches the upcoming unveiling in Milan. Reminiscent of how the “Monster” was named 20 years ago, the Diavel is now destined to follow the same Bolognese tradition, shaping the future of motorcycling while staying faithful to its heritage. Built to have a commanding presence, though lightweight and agile like all Ducatis, the Diavel will take the man-motorcycle relationship to the next level in absolute comfort. For connoisseurs of technology, ABS, Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Riding Modes will deliver a confidence-inspiring sophistication while stunning looks, the Superbike-derived Testastretta 11° engine and 207kg (456lb) of authentic Ducati performance will drive a comfortable sport lifestyle that could only be dreamt of until now.

The DIAVEL is on its way….


Triumph’s 2011 Tiger, Thunderbird Storm, & Speed Triple on Video

Triumph has released a flashy video showcasing models from its upcoming 2011 range.  Included in the video are the new Speed Triple, Tiger adventure bike, models from the cruiser range, and more.  Triumph have got a lot of good PR mileage out of the Cologne Motorcycle show this week, with the only hiccup being the new headlights on the Speed Triple.  Next year is looking very good for the company’s finances, and ever growing popularity.

The 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

The 2011 Triumph Speed Triple


The 2011 Triumph Tiger


The 2011 Triumph America

The Ducati Diavel is ready for launch

Quick thinking camera jockeys in Italy have caught what appears to be the finished Ducati Diavel power cruiser out for a test run.  Due for an official unveiling in Milan next month the Ducati’s big gamble, though from the way everyone is drooling over it it’s bound to sell very well, appears to be ready to hit showrooms.

For more pictures head over to


Making Connections..

Taking a blog break today to focus on building Ride The Wild Wind’s ‘social networking’ profile, as is the done thing these days.  One of the reasons RTWW came into being was to allow me (the Editor Nick) to connect with bikers everywhere to learn about all the cool stuff going on.  Motorcycling is such a diverse field to be involved in with so many types of bike, from sports, to adventure, cruiser, chopper, cafe, custom, dirt, and then to the challenges undertaken on them, on tracks, both smooth tarmac and loose gravel, touring around the world, endurance runs, drag racing, freestyle stunts, and the list goes on.

So in order to keep learning, and reaching out to motorcyclists across the globe, RTWW is getting a Facebook profile to better help the site make connections to bikers for whom the differing activities mentioned above, are their daily adventure.  RTWW already has a Twitter profile which is great fun and hopefully Facebook will be another way of making friends and getting to know people who make bikes their hobby, passion, obsession, and essential part of their lives.

RTWW on Facebook will launch in a few days, back to regular blogging shortly.

New 2010 Special Editions from Triumph

Triumph have introduced two special editions for 2010 of its Thunderbird crusier and Daytona 675 sports bike.  The Thunderbird will benefit from several genuine Triumph accesories and a stylish metallic red dubbed ‘Carnival Red’.

Next up is the Daytona 675 of which Triumph says;

Following on from the success of last year’s limited run, white and blue Daytona 675 coloured special edition, Triumph is introducing a limited run of its class-leading sportsbike with an even higher specification.

Priced at £8,199 on-the-road, the 2010 Daytona 675SE comes loaded with over £500 worth of accessories in addition to an exclusive livery.

Just like the 2009 special edition, the 2010 Daytona 675SE features stunning Pearl White bodywork accompanied by a Sparkle Blue frame. However, the latest version takes things a stage further with racy new graphics adorning the flanks, white striped wheels, race-inspired brake and clutch levers and a host of carbon fibre parts from Triumph’s accessories catalogue.

Triumph’s new adjustable, machined alloy levers, similar to those found on the company’s world supersport racers, are a new feature on the Daytona 675SE, while the carbon fibre heat shield, exhaust cap, cockpit infills and rear hugger complete the factory racer look.

The circuit-developed Daytona 675 embraces the latest chassis technology, including highly sophisticated and adjustable suspension front and rear. These suspension units, adjustable for both high and low speed compression damping, give unparalleled levels of control on the track while offering a plush ride on rough road surfaces.

Mechanically, the Daytona 675SE retains the soulful 126bhp 675cc triple of the standard machine, while a full range of official accessories are available to provide owners with an opportunity to personalise both the look and performance of their machine.

Track day enthusiasts are well catered for with a number of racing accessories, including numerous lightweight carbon fibre parts, a ‘plug-and-play’ quickshifter set, exquisite race-style rear set footrests and silencers developed in cooperation with Italian race specialists Arrow Special Parts.

Both bikes will arrive in authorised Triumph dealerships from March 1st.

Victory Motorcycles hit by downturn..

U.S. motorcycle maker Victory is struggling, much like it's much larger fellow manufacturer Harley Davidson, with July to September 2009 sales down a staggering 56%!

Victory are trying to weather the storm by restructuring shipments to dealerships but it's hard to see how best to cope with tumbling figures, which for the same period last year amounted to $21 million, dropping to $9,344,000 this year.  Also unlike Harley they can't mercilessly chop off limbs, as was done with Buell and MV Augusta, to make savings.

The best sales performance from the company is in accessories and clothing lines which dropped only 11%, meaning somewhere potential owners are hopefully getting ready by dressing as Victory riders until the recession ends.

It's worrying news for bike businesses in general at the minute but to manufacturers of big cruisers you have to wonder if some of their best customers, the retired/retiring big bike buyer off to tour the highways, simply aren't there anymore with pension crisises and financial pressures from depenadants.

Scary times…

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