The Honda CBR250R Reignites the 250cc Market

After the muted response to the VFR1200F, mostly due to the issue of its touring range, Honda seemed to be lying low while the likes of Ducati and Triumph dominate the headlines.  That is however until now.  It seems the Milan show will be Honda’s staging ground to retake the market lead with the CBR250R, its ‘Crossover’ the VFR800x, and a concept 1200cc machine.

Focusing on the CBR250R for now this looks to light a fire under just passed their test bikers everywhere, but especially in Europe where new regulations are due altering the size of engine new bikers can access.  It looks to challenge Kawasaki’s Ninja 250 and most likely will be priced competitively at around the £4000 mark.  Honda seems to have put a lot of thought into this bike to give it an all-round appeal and should be a huge hit.  Given its VFR styyling Honda apparently want to give its range a stand out look which, like or loath the VFR’s new shell, it makes a change from the homogeneous sports bike look blighting a number of companies at the minute.

Honda says of its new bike;

What was on our minds during the development of new CBR? It was to realize an attractive quarter model that can meet the demands of the times to come and provide customers all over the world with joy and at an affordable price. What we aimed at was the ‘Sport Quarter for One World, CBR250R.’

Our passion is embodied in various aspects of this motorcycle such as its displacement, frame size, driving stability, and riding position. These features were optimized for riders of all kinds, from beginners to experienced riders, so that they can feel the fun of maneuvering, which is fundamental to motorcycle riding.

A sporty feel that riders get the moment they mount and ride the motorcycle is pursued without sacrificing ease of use, in search of the optimum balance between the two. Nimble acceleration that can be felt the moment the throttle is opened, a feel of smooth rev-up in the high-speed range, linear vibration characteristics that do not discomfort riders, and a variety of equipment features such as a rear grip that provides a sense of comfort when riding in tandem-with this list of features, we are confident that customers will be satisfied without exception.

Below are specs for the bike as well as Honda’s promotional video.

You’ll find lots more details on the CBR’ s dedicated site at

Honda CBR250R Specs

Sales name CBR250R
Model type Honda MC41
Overall length × Overall width × Overall height (m) 2.035 × 0.720 × 1.125
Wheelbase (m) 1.370
Ground clearance (m) 0.145
Seat height (m) 0.780
Curb weight (kg) 161 (STD) 165 (ABS)
Riding capacity (No. of people) 2
Minimum turning radius (m) 2.5
Engine type CS250RE, liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC single cylinder
Displacement (cm³) 249
Bore × Stroke (mm) 76.0 × 55.0
Compression ratio 10.7
Fuel supply system Programmed fuel injection system (PGM-FI)
Starter type Self-starter
Ignition type Full-transistor battery ignition
Lubricating type Wet sump
Fuel tank capacity (L) 13
Clutch type Wet multiplate with coil springs
Transmission type Constant mesh 6-speed return
Transmission gear ratio 1-speed 3.333
2-speed 2.118
3-speed 1.571
4-speed 1.304
5-speed 1.115
6-speed 0.963
Reduction gear ratio (primary, secondary) 2.808 / 2.714
Caster angle/Trail (mm) 25º00´/ 95
Tire size Front 110/70-17M/C
Rear 140/70-17M/C
Brake type Front Hydraulic disk
Rear Hydraulic disk
Suspension type Front Telescopic
Rear Swing arm (Pro-link suspension system)
Frame type Diamond


Triumph’s 2011 Tiger, Thunderbird Storm, & Speed Triple on Video

Triumph has released a flashy video showcasing models from its upcoming 2011 range.  Included in the video are the new Speed Triple, Tiger adventure bike, models from the cruiser range, and more.  Triumph have got a lot of good PR mileage out of the Cologne Motorcycle show this week, with the only hiccup being the new headlights on the Speed Triple.  Next year is looking very good for the company’s finances, and ever growing popularity.

The 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

The 2011 Triumph Speed Triple


The 2011 Triumph Tiger


The 2011 Triumph America

The 2011 Kawasaki Z1000SX

Pictures have surfaced on-line of the great looking Kawasaki Z1000SX.

A very road focused sports-bike with great, why don’t we see more of this, options such as an adjustable screen.  Very much a sports-bike for everyday use, most likely plenty powerful and fun to ride, but not the in the road-going missile class.

With so many fantastic bikes out there at the minute or just on the horizon, why the hell do people buy cars!

For more images head over to Italian web site

2011 Kawasaki Z750R Official Video

Kawasaki’s new Z750R, due to arrive in 2011, has a lot of good things going for it.  The ‘R’ version has some design tweaks and new fully adjustable forks, a new revised rear shock bolted to an aluminium swing arm, a blah blah blah.  You don’t need to know any of this to start saving your $/£/€, all you need is the video, and damn kawasaki make good videos!

Kawasaki says of the bike “The Z750R is an impressive package. It has been designed to take the handling, braking and overall specification of the hugely popular Z750 to a totally new level, justifying the exclusive R status of our new mid-weight naked contender for the coming year,” and in case you do want some more information the spec for the new Z750R includes;

  • High-grade, sharper front cowl
  • Multi-piece cowl construction
  • Sharper, more aggressive, multi-facet design
  • Luxurious two-tone colouring
  • Front fender with new fork guard portions
  • Sharper turn signals
  • Sporty R-model instrumentation
  • Front suspension offers more precise adjustability
  • Both sides feature rebound adjustability (vs only one side on Z750)
  • 41 mm inverted fork
  • Preload adjustable
  • Bottom-Link Uni-Trak with piggyback reservoir also offers increased
  • cooling performance
  • High-quality sculpted aluminium swingarm
  • Radial-mount 4-piston calipers
  • Radial-pump brake master cylinder
  • Steel-braided brake lines (front and rear)
  • Thicker front petal discs

Erik Buell Racing 1190RS on the road soon

While Harley Davidson lurches from crisis to crisis, its former employee/partner Erik Buell’s company Erik Buell Racing is on the rise.

Erik’s race bikes have been award winners on the American circuits and the time spent drawing up plans for new road bikes while under HD’s wing will not be in vain it would seem.  Coming soon will be a road ready version of EBR’s successful race bike, the 1190RR.

A teaser video of some form will be appearing on Erik Buell’s music label Rat Pack Records website today, September 14th, which will be a music video that will somehow feature a first look at the new road ready 1190RS.  Also on the site is merchandise marked with the EBR 1190RS logo.  The website states;

The 1190RS will be the new street bike from Erik Buell Racing! The design is currently in the pre-production / testing stage and is not yet available for public sale. Show your support and be the very first to get your new 1190RS and new EBR logo merchandise! Check back here Tuesday, September 14th for the 1190RS “teaser” video featuring music from Wratchet Head the new project from Michael Wilton of Queensryche!

While it doesn’t sound like we’ll be getting much in the way of technical specs during a brief music video, it’s a good way to start getting the word out that the company is ready to tackle the market despite the poor economy.  Surely someone is kicking themselves at  HD for their overly hasty decision to dispose of Buell and his team.

Check out Rat Pack Records for the music video

Visit Erik Buell Racing for details of their current sports bikes

Some of the merchandise available for the 1190RS-

Ducati 848 Updated

Ducati is all over the bike world at the minute and just keep going from strength to strength.  With the Multi-strada 1200 the darling of high-tech adventure bikes, and its power cruiser causing a stir, the Italian company has now revitalized its middle weight sports bike, the 848, making it a 140bhp rocket.

The new 848 EVO features a tuned Testastretta Evoluzione engine producing 140hp at 10,500rpm and 72.3lb-ft of torque at 9,750rpm making the 848 the most powerful sportsbike the company has ever produced.  Giving the bike this set of awesome specs challenges, and technically surpasses, the current class leader the BMW’s S1000 RR.

Ducati seem to be making a challenge in virtually every bike market at the minute, and are putting some fantastic bikes in competition against their fellow motorcycle companies.  Best of all though is that while the company bosses have made this somewhat bold decision to regenerate Ducati, none of the Ducati quality, or essential ‘cool’ seems to be being sacrificed.

Technical Specs for the 848 EVO are below and head over to Ducati’s web site for more details.


Tubular steel Trellis frame in ALS 450
1430mm (56.3in)
Showa 43mmfully adjustable usd forks
127mm (5in)
5-spoke in light alloy 3.50 x 17
Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP, 120/70 ZR17
Progressive linkage with fully adjustable Showa monoshock. Aluminium single-sided swingarm
120mm (4.7in)
5-spoke light alloy 5.50 x 17
Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP, 180/55 ZR17
2 x 320mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Brembo Monobloc 4-piston callipers
245mm disc, 2-piston calliper
15.5l – 4.1 gallon (US)
168kg (370lb)
Digital MotoGP derived unit with displays for: Speed, rev counter, lap times, time, air temp, coolant temp, battery voltage, A & B trips, fuel reserve trip, scheduled maintenance. Warning lights for: Neutral, turn signals, high-beam, rev-limit, oil pressure, fuel reserve. Plus: Integrated immobilizer system.
2 years unlimited mileage
Red (red / black) – Dark Stealth (racing black / black)
Dual seat
830mm (32.6in)


DDA system-ready for Ducati Performance accessory


Not available on this model


Not available on this model


L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder Desmodromic, liquid cooled
140hp (103kw) @ 10,500rpm
72.3lb-ft (98Nm) @ 9,750rpm
Marelli electronic fuel injection, elliptical throttle bodies
Lightweight 2-1-2 system with catalytic converter and 2 lambda probes. Twin stainless steel mufflers


6 speed
1=37/15 2=30/17 3=28/20 4=26/22 5=24/23 6=23/24
Straight cut gears, Ratio 1.84:1
Chain; Front sprocket 15; Rear sprocket 39
Wet multiplate with hydraulic control


Euro 3

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Has Brammo made the best E-bike yet with the ‘Empulse’?

RTWW is a fan of electric bikes.  It’s only fitting that motorcycles are the future of personal transport when set against gas guzzling cars and the gridlock they cause.  While there have been many concept machines and some very good e-bikes from the likes of Zero Motorcycles, it seems as if everyone specialised at certain areas but bringing them all together was a problem.  Where a bike had performance it lacked range and vise versa.

However it would seem Brammo’s new ‘Empulse’ has managed to address these problems and have created a great bike that covers all the bases.  With performance relative to a regular 600cc sports bike, and 100+ miles within its reach this could be a game changer.  Three models are to be released varying in their travelling range from 60 miles to 100.  Best of all is the price which if they keep it at the suggested $9,995 for the lowest of the three proposed models, with $13,995 topping out the range the Empulse could be a very big, very affordable hit.

Below is a video advertising the Empluse accompanied by the official press release from Brammo.

The Brammo Official Press Release

Brammo announces the Empulse – a trio of 100+mph electric motorcycles, including one model that can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. Prices start at $9995.
Ashland, Oregon – July 15th, 2010. Brammo, Inc. announced today it will begin production of an electric sportbike, calling it the “Empulse.” Brammo demonstrated a pre-production prototype today and all three production models of the Empulse will be capable of sustaining 100 mph. The three models will have different battery capacities, all utilizing an innovative proprietary array, the Brammo Power™ battery and vehicle management system. The Empulse is available for immediate order and deliveries will commence in 2011.
Craig Bramscher, Founder and CEO of Brammo said “motorcycle riders have been requesting increased speed and range and I am proud and delighted to reveal these game changing Brammo electric motorcycles. Our customers expect Brammo to design and produce the world’s most exciting (and affordable) electric motorcycles and that’s exactly what we have done.” Bramscher continued, “Today’s announcement promises no more range anxiety for Brammo customers.”

The Empulse Trio
All three models of the Empulse will be freeway capable and will enjoy a top speed in excess of 100mph. Each of the three models will offer customers a different average range from a single charge. The Empulse 6.0 is capable of 60 miles average range, the Empulse 8.0 is capable of 80 miles average range and the top of the line Empulse 10.0 is capable of a travelling 100 miles on a single charge. Range of all three models can be extended by travelling at lower speeds.
The estimated MSRP for the Empulse trio when deliveries start next year are; Empulse 6.0 $9,995, Empulse 8.0 $11,995 and Empluse 10.0 $13,995. All three models will be eligible for Federal and State tax incentives. For example, the Empulse 10.0 may cost as little as $7,000 in certain states after Federal and State incentives.

Empulse Technology
Today’s announcement sees the first application of Brammo’s innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain™ including the Brammo Power™ battery pack and Brammo Power™ vehicle management system. Brammo’s breakthrough in price/energy density is at the heart of today’s announcement and is unequalled in the electric vehicle industry. The Empulse is also the world’s first production electric motorcycle to have a water cooled motor.
Brian Wismann, Director of Product Development at Brammo and designer of the Empulse said,
“The Empulse reveals the significant price performance that we can deliver using Brammo Power™ technology. Just like it did with the Enertia Powercycle, Brammo has again raised the bar in terms of electrical drivetrain innovation and time to market.”

Empulse Availability
Customers can place their order for an Empulse by visiting the Brammo website . Deliveries are expected to commence in mid-2011 and orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Customers placing an order will be expected to place a refundable deposit once their Empulse is within 90 days of delivery. The Brammo range of motorcycles will be available globally through select motorcycle dealerships and participating Best Buy stores during 2011.

Brammo Distribution
Brammo is expanding its dealership network both within the USA and in Europe and Asia. Organizations interested in selling and servicing the Brammo range of motorcycles, which includes the award winning Enertia, can register their interest by visiting
Adrian Stewart, director of Sales and Marketing at Brammo said “We are always looking for individuals and organizations that want to enter into a long term business partnership with Brammo to sell and service our range of electric vehicles. JCAM, our distributor and dealer in Hong Kong and Singapore is an excellent example of such an organization. ”
Forged in the Heat of Competition
Brammo Power™ technology employed in the Empulse is race proven in the Brammo Empulse RR race bike. You can see the Empulse RR in action at the 2010 Red Bull Grand Prix, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Brammo will race the Empulse RR in the FIM e-Power series which will see 15 electric motorcycle teams from around the world compete on this demanding circuit.
Meet the Empulse
Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher will be unveiling the Empulse at the 2010 Red Bull Grand Prix at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, California, 11.15am, Saturday July 24th 2010.
Later this year the Empulse will be at EICMA Milan, Italy and at the Macau Grand Prix, China.

About Brammo
Brammo Inc is a leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America. Brammo designs and develops electric vehicles including the award winning Brammo Enertia motorcycle. Brammo is an OEM supplier of it’s innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain™ systems including the Brammo Power™ battery pack and Brammo Power™ vehicle management system. Brammo has vehicle distribution and marketing operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

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