The UK Bike Test

In this section of the RTWW site we’re featuring video guides to the UK Motorcycle test which was introduced last year to much continuing controversy.  The numbers of new bikers taking the test has dropped by tens of thousands over the last few months, partly becuase of bad press around the new test, and partly because of the closure of local, easily accessible, test centres, forcing those on L-plates to travel 100+ miles to do a test.  RTWW would encourage anyone thinking of dropping out of doing the test to get training and give it a go.  A fantastic world of big bikes awaits you when you get that license and the choice of machines becomes mind-boggling, and let’s be honest… bloody cool!

Below are a series of videos outlining what you can expect in the new test which hopefully will help inform you better and encourage you to have a go.  These videos are the general DSA presentations and mentions of CBT certificates don’t apply to Northern Ireland at present.  They do however give a good overview of what to expect and let you see the maneuvers that are so talked about at the moment, and that aren’t getting a good press. However take a deep breath and get a good instructor and there’s no reason you can’t pass with flying colours.

For more information on the test and how to book any of the modules visit

The DSA via

For Northern Ireland Riders visit – NI Direct’s – Riding Motorcycles and Mopeds


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