2010 Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z Official Commercial Video

Yamaha has released its official commerical video for the 2010 Super Tenere XT1200Z and it looks pretty sharp.  Check it out below..

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CMG Review of the Ducati Multistrada 1200

Canadian Motorcycle Guide has a great indepth review up for the Ducati Multistrada 1200.  Reviewer Costa Mouzouris certainly gives it both thumbs up and makes it sound like not only a great motorcycle, but a very unique high-tech experience.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Yamaha Super Tenere can measure up.

Check out Costa’s review here…

“Ducati has poured a lot of resources into this machine, testing it extensively for two years prior to its release (the company built 110 pre-production models for testing; the usual number is about 80), and it has incorporated just about every rider aid available into one bike.

The hard work has paid off.” -Costa Mouzouris

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The 2010 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere – now taking orders..

Yamaha have announced on Tuesday 03/09/2010 that the on-line ordering system for reserving and purchasing the new 2010 Yamaha Super Tenere is now available at www.super-tenere.com

Some people have commented that this form of web only buying is a disastrous move by the company, given the economic climate, and the fact that Yamaha’s finances aren’t looking too good at the moment.  However Yamaha executives are defiant, stating that the revamped 2009 V-MAX started out the same way and was a big success for them.  Time will tell if the expensive (£13,499) Super Tenere can tempt buyers, who can’t sit on one in a showroom, into splashing out on technical specifications …. and blind faith.

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Yamaha Super Tenere to cost…”Gulp!”….£13,500

Geez I banged my head when I fainted there!!

Ok, deep breaths, compose myself….

Yamaha has announced the ‘on-line orders only’ XT1200Z Super Tenere will cost £13,500 for UK buyers.  Wait don’t leave in disgust just yet!  A fully tricked out BMW GS 1200 is just over a £1000 less than that and it gives the bike a comparable spec to that of the ‘First Edition’ Super Tenere.  Now if, if, the Super Tenere outperforms the GS in road tests and shows itself to be the ultimate adventure bike, Yamaha might, might, justify this price point, as eye-watering as it is.

I should point out that the spate of ATM robberies here in Ireland isn’t me getting ready to make an on-line down payment for this bike! : )

More Details on Yamaha’s 1200cc Super Tenere ‘First Edition’

So it’s finally out there motorcycling’s new potential adventure bike king.  On looks alone the new Super Tenere appears every bit the capable do everything bike, and certainly more off-road capable and robust  than the 2010 Ducati Multistrada.  I’m sure BMW are pouring over specs this morning to consider the impact Yamaha might have on GS sales this year.

However, while there’s nothing official yet, rumoured pricing for the Super Tenere was pretty high and it would need to really outperform BMW’s GS variants to justify a possible £2000 more.

Yamaha has listed the big features of the bike as being;

  • Shaft drive inline 2-cyl engine – 270-degree crank
  • Mass kept low and central for agile handling
  • Intelligent Unified Brake System and ABS
  • YCC-T with 3-stage traction control plus Yamaha D-mode
  • First edition adventure pack
  • Tough spoked, tubeless aluminium rims
  • Adjustable front and rear suspension
  • Adjustable seat height

All of which sound very exciting and technically it appears to tick all the necessary boxes given the bike’s multi-purpose role.  The first road tests will be interesting especially on the hot topic of tank range, with recent ‘tourers’ being barely capable of a blast to the corner shop!

This 2010 Super Tenere is dubbed, understandably, the ‘First Edition’ with no other variants available this year.  For the buyer this means, as well a snazzy ‘First Edtion’ sticker you get aluminium panniers with brackets, aluminium bash plate, and a headlight protector (not for road use).  All this is fine but I worry if it’s a way to justify that rumoured painful showroom price?

RTWW will report on any road tests as they appear and below you’ll find some more images of the bike and a link to Yamaha’s product page where you’ll find quite an exciting video detailing the Super Tenere’s features.

Doesn’t the shaft drive look great! …. and yes I know how weird that sounds.  Yamaha’s Product page can be found here, and don’t forget to check out the features video.

More news and reviews as we get them.