Marabese Design’s Quatro 4D, the Four Wheeled Scooter

Marabese Design are an Italian design company based near Milan that you may or may not have heard of.

You will however have seen some of their design work as they have had a hand in some 460 bikes including the current Triumph Tiger, the Moto Guzzi Griso, and the Piaggio MP3.  It’s the last one that’s of interest as Piaggio’s three wheel scooter has been very successful and Marabese is going one step further, with the new four wheeled Quatro 4D shown above.  With four independently suspended wheels the scooter leans and performs just as it should but with added stability and traction.  It looks like great fun and may just help keep you right side up in the coming winter weather.  See it in action below.


Find Your Way with the TomTom ‘Urban Rider’

TOMTOM has announced an updated version of its sat-nav device for motorcycles this week.  The third generation Rider , dubbed ‘Urban Rider’ comes in various packs featuring standard motorcycle and scooter mounts along with powered options, and bluetooth for listening to commands and receiving calls on the move.  The device also features an improved ‘gloved finger friendly’ interface and will supposedly run for 6hrs between charges.  Expected to be available at the end of May 2010 keep an eye on for more details.

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Suzuki Goes Green with Hydrogen..

The Tokyo Motor Show is awash with EV concepts this year most of which we've covered here.  Suzuki however are taking a different tack for their eco friendly scooter by using a hydrogen fuel cell.

Developed by UK scientists and engineers at Intelligent Energy, the cell has a light weight air cooled tank with the gas under very high pressure at 10,000psi.

All looked interesting until a few figures got mentioned,

Suzuki says the scooter is capable of a potential 220 miles range, at 20mph, what!?  That may be fine for couriers around town, though I've yet to see a courier going that slow, but what's the range going to be when the speed goes up?

Another flaw is that hydrogen re-fuelling stations aren't exactly easy to come by, so with the range of your new fuel cell scooter, all you could do is circle the garage!

Oh well, nice concept though..

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