Suzuki Goes Green with Hydrogen..

The Tokyo Motor Show is awash with EV concepts this year most of which we've covered here.  Suzuki however are taking a different tack for their eco friendly scooter by using a hydrogen fuel cell.

Developed by UK scientists and engineers at Intelligent Energy, the cell has a light weight air cooled tank with the gas under very high pressure at 10,000psi.

All looked interesting until a few figures got mentioned,

Suzuki says the scooter is capable of a potential 220 miles range, at 20mph, what!?  That may be fine for couriers around town, though I've yet to see a courier going that slow, but what's the range going to be when the speed goes up?

Another flaw is that hydrogen re-fuelling stations aren't exactly easy to come by, so with the range of your new fuel cell scooter, all you could do is circle the garage!

Oh well, nice concept though..

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