Battery Charged Chopper!

The guys from Orange County Choppers, made infamous by the Discovery TV
series 'American Chopper' are well known for creating some striking
choppers.  Usually they are long, loud, road monsters, but now in
cooperation with Siemens they have created an eco-friendly electric
chopper.  The striking thing is it does have quite a good range for an
EV at 60 miles, as most electric bikes die around 40.  Check out Paul
Teutul Sr on FOX TV discussing the project (try to ignore the annoying

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Yamaha’s Hybrid Production Bike

Way back in 2007 Yamaha showed off the Gen-Ryu hybrid concept bike.  With the current fashion for all things eco Yamaha seems to be moving forward to production level with a bike driven by a powerful electric motor twinned with a 250cc petrol engine.  It would seem the bike will have both range and power, something sorely lacking in most pure electric bikes produced so far.  A picture of the concept is below and we'll update you with more pics and specs as they appear.

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Oh dear, more UK test crash stats

Figures have been released showing a big rise in accidents occurring during the new Euro bike test introduced to the UK earlier this year.  Again it seems to be the notorious 'swerve manoeuvre' causing all the hassle, and in some cases pretty nasty injuries.  As reported in MCN in the 10 weeks running up to the new test there were 13 accidents.  Since the new test there have been 45!  The UK government has now been forced to look into why, even though it's pretty bloody obvious, so let's hope a few adjustments are made to the test sooner rather than later. 

Don't let it put you off going for your test, just make sure you have a good instructor who is confident about what's involved and can drill you on the awkward bits.

For more info on what's involved in the UK bike test check out –

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Honda VFR1200T & VFR1200-V4 …I want them now!!!

I'm getting over excited…

I love gadgets and technology and
bikes more and more use an abundance of the stuff. We've gone way
beyond simple clip on sat-nav units in recent years and everything from
brakes to adjustable suspension, switchable fuel maps, are becoming
common features of bikes. Race tech has made a big crossover and a lot
these advancesments make for some awesome jaw dropping motorcycles.
Honda have upped the game again with the announcement of its V4 based
bikes designed to replace the current VFR, Blackbird, and Pan-European
next year. Honda seems to be going for a common engine wildly
adjustable to suit several platforms which economically, for the
company at least, makes good sense.

But it's the gadgetry that
makes these bike so exciting for me. Shaft driven, clean lined
lovelyness with an auto clutch giving Drive/Eco, Manual and Sport
options, and the engine switching from V4 to V-twin to boost economy
depending on conditions, fantastic. I think we're definately entering a
new era of two wheeled vehicle that may be its most exciting yet,
especially with Olins 'active suspension' and two-wheel drive on the
horizon as well. Stare at the renders of the 2010 Honda VFR1200T (as
featured in MCN) and V4 VFR 1200-V4 and try not to drool on your keyboard…

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It’s a bit geeky, but utterly cool!..

We’re briefly entering the realms of fantasy for this post, with a look
into the video game world of TRON : LEGACY, sequel to 80’s classic
TRON. The coolest thing about the original TRON was the bikes used in
the video game world the characters fight in, or Lightcycles as they’re known. Not your standard V-Twin and a little more advanced than the
upcoming Honda tech-fest V4s, but when you see them in action you’ll
definately want one!

Geeks go nuts for the ComicCon reveal of a full size mock up Lightcycle..

Lightcycles in action in the teaser trailer,,

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The future of the car…is a bike..

More news from the future in the
shape of a Peugoet single seat concept car that is slowly heading into
bike territory….or certainly reverse Trike territory.

Funny how the simplity of design in tomorrow's transport options are leaning our way (no pun intended)

Everyone should own a bike, in the world of tomorrow they may have no choice!

More pics to be found here

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Welcome to the world of tomorrow!..

The Bike of tomorrow by French designer Julien Rondino

Ok I'm
going to add this to the list of bikes I'd love to have a go on, but
would most likely spectacularly crash. There's this and of course, the Bat-Pod.

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