Choosing a bike..

I'm getting a little ahead of myself in trying to decide on my next
choice of bike, even though I haven't got round to doing my test yet
what with all the new UK/Euro test hubbub of the last several months.  Now
things are settled, though not in any way beneficial to a new biker, I
intend to do the test this Autumn and upgrade to a big boys bike just in time for winter.

I'm on a Suzuki GZ125 Marauder and it's a great wee bike. I went for
this primarily through vanity as I didn't like the look of other
'learner bikes' like the Honda 125 range.  The Suzuki just looked nice
and I never really gave any thought to the fact that it might be harder
to learn on a feet forward, low, cruiser style bike, and I did struggle
in the very early days with turning circles and U-turns.  These days
however it's second nature and hopefully good enough to go through the
new test first time.

I've been riding over a year now and last Winter was pretty cruel to the bike's finish after sloshing through road salt and mud everyday on the commute to
work.  I've managed to recover most of the damage and bits like mirrors
and small bodywork items can be replaced pretty cheaply.  But this does
leave me realising that here in Northern Ireland, a chromed crusier is
only good for scorching summer days, which are extremely rare, and despite the fact I love the
style and comfort I'm going to have to go for something a bit more
robust, or move to Las Vegas which is tempting!

Currently I'm trailing through reviews of 600's to see
if I can find something suitable and the choice is endless with
numerous naked's, and half, and fully faired sports bikes. Going to
have to be sensible and also take into account that I'll have to fit a
restrictor kit to whatever it's going to be.

I'll be back soon with some choices to see what you think.

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