It’s a bit geeky, but utterly cool!..

We’re briefly entering the realms of fantasy for this post, with a look
into the video game world of TRON : LEGACY, sequel to 80’s classic
TRON. The coolest thing about the original TRON was the bikes used in
the video game world the characters fight in, or Lightcycles as they’re known. Not your standard V-Twin and a little more advanced than the
upcoming Honda tech-fest V4s, but when you see them in action you’ll
definately want one!

Geeks go nuts for the ComicCon reveal of a full size mock up Lightcycle..

Lightcycles in action in the teaser trailer,,

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  1. […] Disney has released concept art for some of cinema’s most famous motorcycles, the Lightcycles from TRON.  These images are from the sequel TRON : LEGACY due to be released in December 2010 in 3D.  One of the earliest stories featured on Ride The Wild Wind was the unveiling of full size mock ups of the bikes at Comic-Con last year, see here. […]

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