New Ride The Wild Wind Information Page – The UK Bike Test

On the navigation tabs above you’ll find a new page featuring information about The UK Bike Test.  Yes the dreaded UK Bike Test, the one that breaks arms, almost causes fatalities, etc etc.  While the test may change at some point and a recent government committee reported huge flaws in its implementation and execution (RTWW reported on that here) for now we’re stuck with it and it’s not an insurmountable task.

With good training and a cool head the test is passable and hopefully the collection of DSA videos we’re featuring on the UK Bike Test page will help.  RTWW is in no way justifying the new test or the scandalous way it was introduced leading to jobs losses at training companies, but the future of UK biking will be badly affected by the loss of tens of thousands of new bikers that have turned away from taking the test in the last several months.

Motorcycling is under attack from so many different angles at the minute from Brussels Buffoons and some of our own Government expenses rich rip-off  merchants, that RTWW wouldn’t want the next excuse to curtail motorcycling to be that the lack of people becoming bikers shows it to be a ‘niche hobby’ and therefore ends up being restricted to a track.  I know that sounds a bit heavy but we have to defend and nurture our lifestyle, because if we don’t I don’t have faith that the organisations that are supposed to are up to the job.

So check out the new test, sign up, pass it and get out there on your first big bike.  Ride Safe and have a great weekend!

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