All Northern Irish motorcyclists have the right to clean roads!

A new Facebook Group has been founded to fight for safer roads for Northern Ireland bikers.  This cause was founded by Stephen Leathem (Leo), on behalf of all motorcyclists in Northern Ireland and he is going to tackle the problem of the condition of our roads….with your help hopefully he will succeed!

The Group States;

Join us and support us in our pursuit to have our local government sit up and take notice of the disgraceful state of our roads….we are talking about everything from potholes to farmers trailing mud all over the B-roads.  We pay our Road Tax just like everyone else and have the right to clean, safe roads!  Please feel free to send us any photos of the poor road conditions or post them yourself on the wall and we will make sure they go to the right place.  Join the cause before there is another life and bike ruined!

This is one of a number of worthy attempts to highlight road issues for bikers and you will find another awareness campaign ‘Fix A Road’ over on our partners Write to Ride web site.



Those of you who read MCN will also know they are making efforts to highlight the problems of potholes specifically, as part of a nationwide attempt to name and shame councils which refuse to assist their efforts.

Bikers aren’t alone in this campaign either as RTWW’s Editor Nick Moore carries out Rural Regeneration and Community Development work via a number of different enterprises, and is putting together the ‘Action For Rural Roads Campaign’ which initially targets the Ards Peninsula in Co.Down, and brings together support from Community Groups and Police partnerships in that area.  More details on this project will be available soon.

It would seem the spotlight is well and truly on N.I. roads and as it’s election season again our timing couldn’t be better to apply a little pressure.  Show your support for these campaigns and help make the Province’s roads safer for all.

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