Important Stories on “Write To Ride”

Our motorcycling partners over at Write To Ride have highlighted a couple of important stories of late and make a good case for better representation of bikers rights.

The 1st is the horrific tale of a fellow biker in Norway that, after being run down and seriously injured by a car driver, has found no justice or recompense for his accident as a judge has let off the driver in question!  The reason being, and I kid you not, was that the motorcycle was harder to see than a car.  Is that to be an official excuse now for hitting bikes;

“I couldn’t really see the bike your honor they’re not as wide as a car y’know.”
“Oh that’s ok if the other guy was stupid enough to ride a motorcycle the risk is his and I’m sure you had a good look around you, case dismissed.”

Head over to Write To Ride for more on this story and how you can lend your voice to the Norwegian Motorcyclists Union in support of the injured biker.


The 2nd story involves the new Roads Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland.  The Department of the Environment’s (DOE) Minister, Edwin Poots has launched the DOE’s consultation paper to prepare a new road safety strategy for Northern Ireland which will cover the years 2010 to 2020.

The Minister said: “Improvement is also necessary to reduce injuries to older pedestrians and motorcyclists and to deal with the increased risks faced by children in areas of deprivation.  To be effective a new strategy must tackle these issues.

Write to Ride covers the details of the proposed Strategy here and voices its concerns on some of the suggestions targeted at motorcyclists.

Ride The Wild Wind agrees wholeheartedly with the opinions of Write to Ride in this matter and would encourage our readers to give their support to Write To Ride which is fast becoming the voice for riders rights in Northern Ireland.  RTWW has heard many complaints about the lack of action by other riders rights organisations in the UK and how they’re lethargic approach to the machinations of Europe, and local government, are letting Brussels buffoons walk all over us.  This isn’t the case with Write To Ride who have been very active in challenging anti-bike bias and keeping a watchful eye on riders rights in general.  Head over to their site today and show your support.

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