New Club Listing – Ancestors MCC

A new listing for RTWW but far from a new club, the Acestors MCC is one of the oldest inNorthern Ireland.  Founded in 1989 the club is very active and runs a number of events throughout the year, a list of these events you will find on our N.I. Events page.  A little bit about the club from their website is below;

Ancestors MCC

We are a small MCC but have been around for a long time, in fact this year is our 20th Anniversary. Our members come from all over the north of Ireland and on all sorts of bikes. We meet at the start of each month to chat about the club, rallies, ride-outs and basically have a laugh at each others expense. We all try and get to as many rallies, rock nights and runs as possible so check the galleries for photos and write-up’s. We hold a rally every year in August, its always a good laugh and everyone has a great time, we also have our annual Christmas Toy Run at the start of December where all proceeds go to charity and hopefully a couple of Rock Nights thrown in throughout the year.

The Ancestors next event is their St.Paddy’s Rock Night, get along if you can and we can gaurentee you a good time.

…also plan ahead for the 11th Drunken Assholes Rally in August.


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