Does Northern Ireland need a bigger bike show?

What were your views on this years Adelaide Motorcycle show at the Kings Hall in Belfast.  Several friends of RTWW have said that while the show is well laid out it is lacking as a ‘big event’ akin to shows by the BMF, MCN, etc in England and elsewhere in mainland UK.

Northern Ireland does have several good shows throughout the year such as the custom show in Belfast due to return later this year, but would you like to see a ‘big bash’ style event with stunts, racing, ride outs, brand displays, live music, and hosting every kind of bike to be found from scooters to customs?

The picutre above is of the Port Dover Friday the 13th event in Canada which attracts 1000s of riders and is something we’d love to see here in NI or as a cross border event.  RTWW would like to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see and whether you would support a ‘Northern Ireland’s Big Biker Bash’ event?  Or if you have been to a big event, what was the best thing you saw or did?

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