Honda’s ‘Crossover’ Becomes the VFR800X

As is the way with bikes these days Honda has released a further concept sketch of its new Crossover touring bike, now being referred to as the VFR800X.

It does looks pretty snazzy from the artwork and as with the CBR250R and CBR150R, it has been given the VFR1200 appearance which will be the distinguishing feature of Honda’s new range of machines.

At present there’s not much more to tell as no specs have been released but from the sketch we can tell this is a mid-range road focussed tourer, high on style, and hopefully high on tank range.  It’ll be a V4 and some web pundits are predicting traction control, automatic gearing etc, but that would most likely put this way out of the cost bracket of competitors.  The VFR1200 pricing is eye-watering enough, and Honda could very quickly kill the VFR800X with a mad price tag.  The bike and full details of its specs will be released at the Milan show which is fast approaching, so it won’t be long to wait before we find out if they have a winner on their hands.


2010 Honda VFR1200F – Canadians grab a first ride!

Canadian Motorcycle Guide have grabbed a quick spin on Honda's VFR1200F (the swines) and are suitably impressed.  While they didn't have time to fully assess the bike's capabilities during their 20 minutes of fun, they do seem able to tick off some of Honda's claims for the bike.

Check out the full article here, which also has some new pictures –

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