May We All Crash So Gracefully!

The first thing that springs to mind is Jackie Chan has executed another of his awesome insane and death defying stunts.  However the video below is just a regular biker going about his business, until he crashes SPECTACULARLY!

It’s uncertain if the rider actually has super powers or is just a Batman level athlete, either way he has at speed cartwheeled through the air, according to witnesses landed on his feet, and as you can see swiftly comes back to survey his destroyed bike.  Not too sure how you’d practice ‘crash maneuvers’ such as this, RTWW would like to state, don’t try this at home 🙂

This story first appeared on Gizmodo


Motorcycle Safety Survey for Northern Ireland

It's not very often that Government actually asks Motorcyclists for their opinion so seize this chance while you can.

Bikers are being asked to take part in a survey to hopefully help
make NI roads safer.  The fantastic weekend weather here in Northern Ireland had dozens of bikes out on the roads, and unfortunately a series of accidents occurred with two bikers killed and a third critically injured.

The Department of Environment wants Motorcyclists to give their views about why crashes happen and how they can be stopped which is great and we'd encourage all riders in NI to fill in the survey.

In 2007, 153 bikers were killed or seriously injured on NI roads, and any attempt by the government to reach out to the biking community for ways to help prevent that should be welcomed.

Motorcyclist's views will feed into a new road safety strategy which aims to cut road
deaths by a third each year and reduce children's deaths and injuries
by half on the 1996 – 2000 average.

So please visit to complete a short survey which looks
at rider attitudes, experience and behaviour on the roads.

Stay safe out there!

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