Hama Zero’s ‘Solar Bike Fujin’ Electric Motorcycle

Yes we here at RTWW like our futuristic electric bikes and while Brammo and Roehr’s efforts are more appealing than Hama Zero’s, but you can’t fault creator Mr. Yamawaki it for his ingenuity.

Ok this isn’t going to please 186mph sports-bike owners, or those who love the noise and fumes of a ‘regular’ motorcycle, but despite its somewhat unattractive look the technology of the Solar Bike Fujin e-bike has to be applauded.  This could possibly the only truly zero emission, and zero cost power generation, electric bike given that it can charge solely from the sun, and if it’s not plugged in it isn’t part of the waste producing electricity grid.  The crazily low resistance wheels could maybe be a technology applied to its bigger cousins, and even the solar panel, if it could be stored compactly enough could be another trickle-charge power source for more powerful electric bikes.  Most likely the panel’s current power generation ability is pretty small but solar cell technology is improving in yield all the time.

Check out the video below for an overview of the Hama Zero Solar Bike Fujin

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  1. Im thrilled to see this! I suggested to Brammo that the big black side panels on the Enertia would be a great piece to make solar. If you are going green, ya might as well milk it.
    I realize that some of the bikes dont look “mainstream”. Hello, EV’s are not mainstream! YET. I know that I get a lot of teasing however, all my friends realize that this IS the future of motorcycles and every other vehicle on the road. As long as there are multiple EV manufacturers out there, the push to improve the technology will be immense. Just since I have owned my Enertia, capabilities have gone from 30-40 miles on a charge to 60-100. Look out world… here comes the future!
    FYI.. Im not selling my “normal” bike anytime soon! There is room on the road for all bikes. I ride my Enertia next to BMWs, Hondas, and Harleys. No one seems to mind as long as I keep up!

    • Totally agree! Solar, like battery tech, is improving all the time and it won’t be long before the range of e-bikes won’t be an issue, and the methods to charge them while idle and on on the move will make charging times more practical. Let’s face it there’s a lot of ‘normal’ bikes with a range of 100 miles. However electric is the future whether people like it or not, and if bikers give it a chance I’m sure they easily get used to the instant speed and torque an e-bike can give them. It’s the 21st century and the promise of personal jet packs and hover cars disappointingly hasn’t come to pass, though I’ll happily settle for the futuristic joys of e-bikes for now. ….Not that I’m giving up hope of the jet pack!!! : )

  2. Not the best looking bike around, but definitely a step in the right direction.

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