Mayor of London Threatens Bikers!

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, and a man who regularly engages his mouth before is brain threatened bikers, on video, who are protesting about new charges being brought in for parking a motorcycle in London.  Currently bikers are allowed to use the city’s dedicated bus lanes under a scheme to improve rider safety in the overly congested city.  The Mayor who was caught up in the traffic grid-lock caused by the weekly biker protest about parking charges challenged a biker, and threatened to end the bus-lane trial, or at least by implication stop the trial becoming a permanent feature.  So much for the Mayor’s support for bikers, a big sell of his bid to become Mayor.  It would seem now he’s in any thoughts of making riding in ‘his’ city safer are out the window!

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  1. This is disgraceful behaviour from the Mayor of London, for a start he has been questioned on the parking tax and protests by Caroline Pigeon and said “I would like to see the dispute resolved through common ground being found between WCC and motorcyclists around the operation of parking schemes in Westminster”. If that is the case then maybe he should encourage WCC to have talks with the campaigners as we have invited all parties involved to discuss the tax openly. For the full list of questions and answers go here

    It is interesting that he can get involved and encourage Westminster City Council to put in the London Cycle Hire Scheme, but when it comes to parking taxes he cant get involved or put pressure on WCC to scrap it.

    He doesn’t seem to realise that the parking tax is a completely different issue to the use of Bus Lanes, and that any threats made to remove the use of Bus Lanes for motorcycles will be met with strong opposition. The fact that so far the studies on the Bus Lane scheme have shown a large reduction in deaths and accident rates within the capital and that any decision to scrap the scheme should be based on the facts from the independent enquiry not on his political agenda to stop people from having free speech and the right to legally protest! Who does Boris work for the people or the councillors in Westminster City Council?

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