Bikers, Defend Yourself in Traffic!

One of the most popular stories here on RTWW in recent times was our feature on The Motorcyclist’s Ultimate Solution for Tail-gating Car Drivers which featured the bike mounted flamethrower..

So today for a bit of Friday fun we’re featuring other ahhh ‘self-defence’ motorcycle accessories and a couple of classic bikes that could help you tackle road-rage addicted, cell phone using, coffee drinking, blinkered, or asleep car drivers.

First up accessories…

An old classic, the simple addition of a machine gun to your sidecar..

A more modern alternative for clearing slow drivers from your lane..

Straight from Q branch, a very James Bond inspired bike mounted missile system..

Stand up for your right to bear arms… on your handlebars..

For the biker confident in the Force, the lightsaber pannier mount..

Carry your own Terminator for road safety purposes..

Ride alongside this man..

.. and finally some bikes to protect yourself with..

The Bat-Pod – Twin canons, grappling hook system, and it just looks so bloody dangerous people will avoid you..

Streethawk – Fairing mounted particle beam, machine guns, 300mph top speed, and a rocket boosted ‘back flip’ facility to allow you to jump back over the tail-gating swine behind you and take him out.

and when gadgetry fails, or ammo runs out, just ride over the idiots!

Have a great long weekend, and Ride Safe! : )

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  1. Here’s mine for the weekend.

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