Ducati Multistrada Better Than BMW’s GS?..Yes Says MCN!

This week’s MCN has a road challenge between the new 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 and the latest version of BMW’s GS, and they are declaring the Multistrada the new King of do-everything bikes.  Now I think they may have been a bit quick off the mark with that statement as there are a number of things they didn’t test. MCN says the BMW is still the best for long tours but gives points to the Ducati for its fun and versatility on the road.  The Multistrada’s four mode riding ability and all-round sportier profile give the bike a clear advantage for speed and handling in urban environments, and the power blast available from the 150bhp engine sounds like great fun on the highways.

However they don’t test the off-road ability of the bikes and while the tank range queries I had seem to have been answered, a long-term test of the Ducati’s durability would be needed before any ‘Long Live the King’ statements are made.  We’ve seen the BMW get dropped on all sorts of rough surfaces (It was a hobby of Ewan McGregor’s on Long Way Round/Down), make it through rivers, and despite its huge top-heavy weight, cope reasonably well off-road.  I can’t imagine the lovely looks of the Ducati being quite so durable.

Don’t get me wrong I really like the Multistrada, and I think that Ducati have made a superb bike and advanced the technology of biking in general greatly with the gadgetry the machine has.  I’d just need a bit more evidence that it’s ‘The One’ before I would spend £14,000 on it. (Like I have £14,000 to spend A-HA, HA, HA, HA!)

Check out the latest MCN in newsagents now and below you’ll find a brief video review.  Have a great weekend and Ride Safe!

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  1. Bow to the “King” dude Don’t be disrespectful

    • Just being a healthy sceptic, anytime Ducati want to give me a Multistrada to test myself I’ll gladly accept, after all it is available in the site’s colours LOL!

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