Pay How Much for a Yamaha Fazer8 & FZ8!?!?!?

Help I’m Choking!!!……cough……cough…… Ok better now, but still a bit light-headed.

Why the drama?  Yamaha have just officially released the UK pricing for their new Fazer8 and FZ8 models.  Now before I cause you all minor heart attacks let’s look again at the bikes in question.

The new Fazer8 is Yamaha’s new 779cc middle-weight sports bike.  It’s half-faired for a bit of weather protection, comes with ABS, and is built around an aluminium frame to keep its weight in check.

The FZ8 is the Fazer’s naked cousin with all the same spec just minus the fairing, and personally I prefer the look of it to the Fazer8.


Now to the heart-stopping stuff.  The Price for the Fazer8 is £8799, and the FZ8 is £7799!  Come on now pick yourself up off the floor.

The last time I used the ‘Pay how much’ title for an article was for another Yamaha, the Super-Tenere and its eye-watering £13499 price tag.  However while the Super-Tenere is in a class of similarly priced machines, the Fazer8 and FZ8 have priced themselves out of the market for middle weight sports bikes.  The list of similar, or better, machines that are £1000, or more, less than the Fazer list price is too long to mention here, but a good example comes from a story we did at the start of the week on Suzuki’s new GSX1250FA, a fully-faired, ABS included, 1255cc sports tourer priced at £6995.

Yamaha is supposedly in financial difficulty …. pricing bikes like this won’t help.

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