UK Driving Standards Agency Gets a Slapped Wrist for Bike Test Fiasco.

The UK’s beleaguered Government has been described as being ‘inept’ for its botched handling of the introduction of the European Bike Test last year.  The test which is still controversial, having caused injuries, including a recent near-miss fatality, and damaged or destroyed dozens of training businesses, has resulted in a huge drop in people graduating from L-plates.  The knock on effect to all areas of the industry has yet to be fully felt, hidden amongst the general downturn, but should the UK pull free of recession in any meaningful way, the lack of new bikers spending in showrooms could be disastrous.

The cross-party Transport Committee has said “the new combination of tests is likely to help improve road safety, provided that the government and the industry work together, and that training for other road users to improve their awareness of motorcyclists on the road is improved too”.  However the Committee also said the smaller test sites could have been retained saving millions of pounds, and the DSA had failed to listen adequately to the motorcycle industry.

The committee’s chairman, Louise Ellman, said: “Many candidates and trainers now have to travel too far for their motorcycle test.  “This adds to the cost, and in some cases, exposes candidates to fast and dangerous roads on the way to a test site”.

It has been quoted that some riders are negotiating 100+ miles of a trip to get to a test by which time they’re exhausted and in no fit state to be taking a fair crack at passing.  No doubt this issue will rumble on for some time to come.  Unfortunately the longer it does the worse the longterm effects on motorcycling in the UK will become.

A spokesman for the Driving Standards Agency said the organisation would respond fully to all recommendations in the report at a later date.

It may take some time for them to make up even a half-assed excuse!

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