Three Wheeled Wonders! – the Honda 3R-C EV & Petit Ducati Desmosedici Trike

As I was sliding around on ice and spilt diesel this morning I considered picking up a winter trike, in an attempt to stop my two-wheeled transport flipping sideways and spinning down the road as it did a few weeks ago.  As if reading my mind I find two somewhat unconventional trikes presented to me on-line.

The first is Honda’s latest EV concept due to be pimped at the Geneva Motor Show.  Honda keep releasing concept pics or parading mock-ups around shows but as yet haven’t managed to nail down a production model.  The Honda 3R-C is a single seat enclosed three-wheeler with a nice futuristic look to it.

Honda CEO Takeo Fukui spoke recently about Honda’s EV plans saying, “Honda is currently developing a battery-powered electric motorcycle which emits no CO2 during operation, because the characteristics of a battery can be better utilized in the area of motorcycles, which are often used for short distance travel.  “Honda is aiming to introduce this electric motorcycle to the market about two years from now.”


Our second trike is featured by our friends over at Visor Down and is a concept designed by Nicolas Petit, a 25-year-old professional motorcycle mechanic from France.  Nicholas says of his design, “This project is a mix between a motorcycle and a street quad. The base is without its Desmosedici fork, the rear is slightly restyled. The ATV-type front is grafted directly on to the engine chassis – simple and effective, Spartan and light.”

While the thought of relaxing in the warmth of the Honda 3R-C listening to Radio 2 on my daily commute is very attractive, the Ducati is impossible to resist.  Come on Nicholas build a few! : )

More pictures are available at Visor Down


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