Zero Motorcycles 2010 Product Line Up

Electric motorcycle pioneers ZERO  Motorcycles are showcasing they’re full 2010 range of bikes on their website.

To date ZERO are the only manufacturer to make an attractive and usable E-bike, that’s not a scooter, and are cutting a nice sport and commuter niche for themselves.  Any of their bikes could become your daily commuter with running costs a hell of a lot less than putting fuel in your tank, especially if you’re in the UK. (Hello Gordon Brown, yes, I’m complaining about your taxes)  Then when you’re done with the working week you can hit the trails for an off road blast.  ZERO’s bikes have got rave reviews from anyone who’s been on one and it’s great to see a really innovative product thriving in the bike market in these difficult financial times.  I’m not swayed at all by the fact the Dual Sport version comes in RTWW’s colours….

There has been a startling range of technical innovations in motorcycling over the past year that have filtered down to the regular biker, rather than being restricted to the race track or other specific sport.  The faltering economy has affected people’s spending power, and therefore the fortunes of manufacturers, but once we’ve weathered this storm, a whole new age of motorcycling awaits.


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