Check out the new ‘Write To Ride’ article ‘The Tampered Spirit of Motorcycling’..

Our friends over at Write To Ride have a new article up on the latest european intent to meddle with our machines.  Anti-tampering regulations to stop riders improving or altering their machine are ridiculous and contrary to the very nature of motorcycling, that special bond and trust you make by knowing every aspect of your bike and how it works.

What’s next one wonders, how far will they go to stop you tinkering with your ride?  Perhaps, much like a car engine, they’ll seek to seal up your bike, making it tamper, and tinker, proof.  Legislate and regulate to the extent that an owner must return to the dealer for every aspect of bike maintenance and general upkeep.  The potential knock on effect of such an initiative would be to kill off hundreds of experienced bike mechanics businesses, such as our RTWW partner Steve Baker Motorcycles, by introducing machines that they are either physically prevented from interfering with, or in doing so will void the owners warranty.  As legislators seek to make more and more pointless regulation of motorcycles they also stiffle any potential innovation that comes about from modifying and personalizing your ride, perhaps preventing discoveries to enhance the economy and ecological performance of motorcycling.

I know that all sounds a bit doomsday scenario, but the current anti-tamper regulations along with several other mad suggestions over the last couple of years from Europe showcases an anti-bike sentiment, and a fundamental lack of understanding about what bike ownership means to people and what it involves.  All the more important that riders rights organisation such as Write To Ride receive your support to ensure you can keep two wheels on the road.

Check out the Write To Ride article here or click on their RSS feed to the right.

Rant over, Europe picked a bad day to bug me Grrrrr….


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