New Super Tenere Teaser from Yamaha..

Yamaha are back with another hype heavy teaser for the upcoming Super Tenere, but tellingly address issues such as tank range which is much talked about at the minute following the Ducati Multistrada, and Honda VFR1200F, showcasing miserly range for supposed tourers.

It’s becoming a bit annoying getting sucked in to new bike hype only to have your dreams dashed when the flaws of the aforementioned machines became glaringly obvious on launch day.  We already know the Super Tenere is most likely going to be hidiously priced, fingers crossed it’s worth it.  Check out the award worthy hype below –


the City:

Rising above the crowd.

The city never sleeps.

The chaos, the noise and the smoke don’t go away.

To rise above it all takes something special.

To see beyond the everyday takes something unique.

Like the new Yamaha Super Ténéré.

Boasting an all-new large capacity parallel twin with a 270 degree crankshaft, it generates loads of low-end torque, so you’re free to pull away from the crowds of commuters and zip past anything in your sights. The engine is mounted low and forward in the frame, which gives the new Super Ténéré great balance, a narrow profile, and a low centre of gravity for excellent handling, letting you pick your way through the maze comfortably and confidently. To inspire even more confidence, we’ve fitted it with our Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle system (YCC-T) with traction control, for extra peace of mind when riding on slippery surfaces.

Need to make a last-minute lane-change on the infamous cobblestones of l’Arc du Triomphe? Darting your way through the mayhem of Toledo’s Old City, hustling past pedestrians lurking in the long shadows of the buttressed Catedral?

On the new Super Ténéré, no problem.

No problem, because we’ve designed the powertrain to be tough, reliable and low-maintenance. And no problem because we’ve designed the bike for use on any surface, from the gravel of the Atlas Mountains to the cobbles and potholes of Central Paris.

There’s no problem with seating either; the new Super Ténéré has adjustable seating so you can tailor your riding position to any situation. You’ll also benefit from superb weather protection so even on a rain-swept night in Geneva, the juggernauts can splash away. And because we know the chaos never stops, we’ve fitted the new Super Ténéré with a long-range fuel tank. That way, you won’t have to stop much either.

If you plan to duel with the motorised gladiators of Rome, the good news is we’ve fitted ABS as well as a Unified Braking System as standard, to harness greater control. If you want to be the last one standing at the Coliseum, you sometimes have to back off.

And, whether you’ve just arrived at that enticing beachfront hotel in Barcelona after an 8-hour ride over the Pyrenees or you’ve just reached the office after a hellish commute, you’ll be relieved to know you can equip the new Super Ténéré with spacious and easy-to-remove luggage cases.

For even more news of the new Super Ténéré’s features, check out our next story. Now it’s time to leave the city to its chaos, its noise and its smoke. It’s time we headed back out into the great beyond.

In the meantime, don’t forget to register so you’re first in line for the latest updates on the new Super Ténéré.

The new Yamaha Super Ténéré. Go beyond.


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