Stay cosy in an enclosed trike this winter..

Well it’s back, the enclosed trike, this time in an eco friendly electric version.

A number of companies over the years have produced concepts of a trike wrapped in an ‘cockpit’ style enclosure, BMW showcased one last year and the ill fated Carver One made it to production, but no one bought one it would seem.  The latest, the Urban Jet, is from new start-up C&C Technologies and is driven by an electric powerplant with speed figures of a 240 km/h top speed, and zero to 100 km/h in about 3.5 seconds.  The apparent range would be approx 350km before you need to find a socket for a recharge.  Only a concept at the moment as the company is seeking further funding, but it’s not a bad design, and given the push for EV at the minute they’ll surely get three wheels on the road shortly ….they should do a grammar check on their press releases though…. “Also for all those who simple dare”

An enclosed Trike would make for a nice winter commuter with it’s weather protection, and stability benefits, and you wouldn’t feel to car-like given its got handle bar controls and leans into corners.

For more details check out the company’s web site at


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