We’re Back!..

Hey fellow Bikers

After a short hiatus due to new baby (God I need sleep) and a small spill on the ice a couple of weeks ago (OW! the noise of scraping metal haunts me still) the blog was on hold along with plans to revamp the Ride The Wild Wind web site.  Well both are now done and integrated into a bit more of a  modern look, that hopefully you’ll like and take part in as it’s a little more interactive now.  Also we’re no longer a Northern Ireland specific site so if you have a UK club you’d like added to our pages drop us an email at info@ridethewildwind.co.uk and we’ll get you listed and featured on the blog.

RTWW will be commenting on bike news, giving our own spin and adding a splash of opinion, and you can now take part in that, by signing up to the blog and commenting on the stories.  Also send us your pics of you and your pride and joy and we’ll get them up on our Flickr site, as well as featuring funny/cool ones on the blog itself.  New to RTWW is the ‘Your Voice’ section which will feature Polls to get your opinion on motorcycling’s burning issues as well as getting some fun views as well.  You can also check out our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/RideTheWildWindTV and we’re looking for any hints & tips you may have to join Steve’s in helping new and old riders get the best out of their bikes.

You’ll still find us on Twitter, http://twitter.com/Bikers_RTWW as well so drop us an @ if you tweet yourself.

Hope you like the new look Ride The Wild Wind and let your biker mates know we’re here.  Ride Safe : )


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