A Better View of the Super Tenere..

A few more details have appeared on Yamaha's Super Tenere teaser web site, with a slightly clearer picture of the bike's look revealing R1 style projector bulb headlights.  This is in keeping with the concept showcased a few months back and will set the bike apart from the existing Tenere range.

Yamaha give the bike a glowing tech filled promo speech on the site a bit of which is below.  Fingers crossed it can live up to the hype.  It's clearly aimed at taking on the BMW GS range for adventure and mile munching touring, something the Ducati Multistrada can't do due to the cripplingly small tank range.


"If you’re looking for an intelligent adventure travel bike to conquer
absolutely everything the world throws at you, look no further than the
new Super Ténéré.
We’ve fitted a big displacement parallel twin engine with shaft drive,
utilising 270˚ crankshaft technology to offer unsurpassed levels of
power, torque and traction – perfect for any extreme situation you face
on your adventure.

We’ve made the new Super Ténéré highly advanced to give optimal
mechanical performance as well as superb levels of rider feel and
control. That’s why you’ll find our Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle
system (YCC-T) on the new Super Ténéré, with traction control to
inspire confidence on every surface. Then there’s hi-tech ABS, as well
as our Unified Brake System (UBS), which links front and rear brakes
for rider comfort, and comes blessed with enough intelligence to adapt
to every situation – on and off-road. After all, when you’re deep in
unknown territory and you can't see far ahead, sometimes you need to
stop in a heartbeat. Then, when you’ve caught your breath, you need to
get moving again, whatever the surface.

In early 2010 it’s time to go far beyond the desert to continue our
adventure elsewhere. Then we’ll take you to other inspirational places
to bring you more insights on the new Super Ténéré and on how we’ve
engineered it to conquer the most challenging terrains on earth."

For more info visit http://www.yamaha-motor-europe.com/super-tenere/

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