No Weather for Biking..

Owwwww…. Well it had to happen some time, my first spill off the bike.  Almost no speed to it but still an interesting experience.

Now anyone in the UK is probably saying to themselves "That fool was on two-wheels in this weather!!"  Well yes I was but only because I'd done it successfully before, but this time my luck ran out. 

I'm no fair-weather biker, rain, hail, ice, gale force winds, I'm there on the bike and loving it.  I rode my wee Suzuki GZ125 commuter all though the winter last year, and while the cold snap then wasn't as bad as this, I still braved ice and snow and managed to stay upright.

Unfortunately the policy in my local area seems to be to grit main roads and leave all side streets/minor roads, both rural and urban, to turn into ice rinks. 

As soon as I turned onto the last street to my destination this morning I could see it was pretty bad but I only had 100 yards to go to safety.  I dropped my speed from 25 to 15mph and crawled along, gently braking as I drew level with gates of the entrance to work.  Then with no wobble, slip, or warning, WHOOP! the bike was gone from under me and I was sliding along the road….bollocks.

Luckily the damage was minimal with my brake peddle and an indicator bent.  The large handlebar muffs I have comically employed to keep my hands from freezing made for a good shield against the iced over tarmac, saving me a few £'s in repairs for sure.

Well I'm in the club now, I've had a wee motorcycle crash, one I can gladly limp away from.  It was a jarring experience making you realise just how vulnerable you are on a bike, and how close and hard the ground is!  In a strange way I'm kind of glad it did happen as I have always wondered if the armour etc actually worked, and how I would feel confidence-wise after something like this.  I'm glad to report I've taken a hammer to the brake peddle and will be riding home later.

May any future crashes be low speed slips, and I think I'll ask the wife for the lend of her car tomorrow : )

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