You Can’t Keep a Good Buell Man Down..

Great news today as one of biking most influential figures manages to keep his innovative brand alive.

Erik Buell has breathed life back into his company only days after the last bike rolled off the production line.  Buell returns, with the full backing of Harley Davidson, as Erik Buell Racing.

In it's new guise the company will produce Buell
motorcycle parts and race preparation services for engines and
motorcycles, along with its 1125R motorcycles under licence from HD, for race purposes only.

looking forward to helping Buell racers keep their bikes flying,” said
Erik Buell. “We’ve got some exciting race development projects in the
works and it will mean a lot to me personally to see Buell racers
competing for wins and championships in the 2010 season and beyond.”

pleased that Harley Davidson is assisting Erik in establishing this
business to continue supporting the racing efforts he has had so much
passion for over the years,” said Buell President and COO Jon
Flickinger. “Harley Davidson and the Buell Motorcycle Company will
always be proud of their affiliation with Erik, and we wish him well in
this new endeavor to support Buell racers.”

Well done Erik, is nothing beyond this guys enthusiasm!

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