The Last Buell rolls off the line, falling bike sales…Stand By for Action!

Well that's that then, the last Buell has rolled off the production line.  With no sign yet of a venture backed spin out from Harley Davidson that may well be the last ever bike under the Buell brand we're likely to see.

Harley Davidson issued the following statement:….

“A Buell Lightning XB12Scg
rolled off the company’s East Troy, Wis., assembly line, the last of
the 136,923 motorcycles built in the company’s 26 years of operation.  

"Parent Harley Davidson announced on Oct. 15 that the Buell lineup
of motorcycles would be discontinued effective Dec. 18, 2009. Buell
motorcycles will continue to be sold through existing dealers until
inventory is depleted.”

Real heart warming stuff from Harley there….

The bike industry like nearly every other business has taken a bad hit during the recession, which is starting to look more and more like it will be a 'W' shaped one.  This means that for the little bit of relief that appears to be happening now, it could slide back to critical levels again in the New Year….oh joy.

In the UK bikes sales are down a whopping 27% in October 2009 compared to the
same month last year. Overall sales have plummeted by 19.4% so far
this year, which is disastrous.  Some of this is the recession but some is surely down to the bad press generated the testing fiasco which is still rumbling on. 

Ride The WIld Wind will be consulting with several organisations next week to investigate the possiblility of a nation wide campaign for a scrappage scheme for bikes to help the industry.  Bikes aren't a hobby but a legitimate form of transport which are usually more economical and environmentally friendly than cars and certainly heavy goods vehicles, and public transport. 

We'll keep you posted.

Stand by for action!

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