The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Launches..

Well what do you think, should BMW be

Ducati have finally taken the covers off its much
anticipated adventure bike the Multistrada 1200 and this we have to
admit it looks good, though the proof of concept will be in the ride.
There are three versions of the bike all with Ducati Traction Control
as standard allowing for switchable riding performance to match
various conditions.

The three bikes are the Standard, S Sport
and S Touring and all allow riding modes of Sport, Touring, Urban,
and Enduro, yes Enduro, so perhaps the pictures of the 1200 off road
weren’t overstating its potential.

So technically and looks-wise it
appears to be a very attractive package. A bit surprised by the
chain drive and the tank isn’t overly huge, but then again the GS
off-road suffers from the weight of the huge fuel capacity, so its
maybe a sensible compromise. Ducati are saying the Multistrada is
four bikes in one and on the surface it 150hp wonder seems like it
could well be.

Full technical specs are available here


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