Buell No More..

It doesn't matter
if you were a fan or a detractor, we should all mourn the loss of
Buell which is to cease new bike production. Any time a small(ish)
30 year old company fails it's sad, because it's the jobs that go
with that closure that's the thing you have to remember. Mechanics,
fabricators, dealerships, sales people, and their families, connected
with Buell are the ones that suffer.

Some comments have
been harsh saying the bikes are rubbish and weren't selling, but
while the styling may not to have been to everyone's taste, Buell
have over the years brought some technologies to mass market that
were game changers for bike production.

The worry is that
if companies like Harley Davidson are chopping off limbs as a cost
saving exercise due to economic pressures, how many other small
brands owned by big names may follow Buell?

An understandably
emotional Erik Buell posted a message about the closure on Buell's
website which you can view here – http://www.buell.com/en_us/company/

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