Night Vision for Motorcycles..

This is an idea that has been floating around from a while now, with Kawasaki showcasing it as a possible tech enhancement for its future touring range.

However a new company with thermal imaging experience is seeking to create a unit that every bike could have as a simple add-on, and from the picture below I'm sold.

The system is a forward facing camera looking not unlike an extra light fitting, that sends the image to a sat-nav sized screen at the centre of the hande bars.  While it's not something you should be staring at constantly, it does give you a clear view of the road ahead beyond what your lights are capable of. 

It also gives you somewhere to look when the BMW or Audi driver with the laser-like xenon headlights approaches in the other lane, saving you from 5 minutes of blindness, and still allowing you to see ahead.

Hopefully it's not too long before kit like this makes it to market.

Read more on this technology here –

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