Climate Change & Motorbikes..

Climate Change & Motorbikes

A bit of a change for today's post in
honour of a special blogging occasion. Climate Change is a big topic
at the moment, and the subject for the 'Blog
Action Day 09'
but is it something to worry about? So it gets a bit warmer, there's
a few less creatures running about in corners of the Earth that don't
affect you and you'll never visit, what's the big deal?

put it another way… Would you sail out to sea far
beyond rescue then start drilling holes in your boat? Or go into
your home, brick up all exits then set fire to the place?

you've sensibly said no to all of those, as that would be crazy

our planet is our only home, our only safe haven in the cold vastness
of the universe. This island Earth is a place we can't afford to
destroy if we as a species want to survive. There's nowhere else we
can run to and ignore the consequences of what we are doing.

arrogance affords us the luxury of thinking we are the only creatures
on the planet that matter as we're the smartest, but are we? No
other creature with a bit of sense destroys its only habitat and sits
back watching itself suffer and die, only the foolish humans.

what the hell has this got to do with Motorbikes I hear you cry!!

it's not bikes that guzzle gas causing pressure on fuel supplies
(apart from the V-Max but we'll turn a blind eye there)  Bikes are at
the forefront of green technologies with new electric concepts being
announced regularly, and what's better they actually work unlike the ill
fated attempts by car companies, who announce staggering battery
powered mileages of a whole 1.8 miles!

technology is also starting to make an appearance, with the eagerly
awaited Gen-Ryu concept from Yamaha making it's way to a production
version soon.

Honda's new Pan European replacement, based on its V4 tech found in
the recently announced VFR1200F, will intelligently switch to a V-Twin
to save on gas.

commentators are quick to strike out at bikes as being not
environmentally friendly and they couldn't be further from the truth.
So remember these few examples when next some 'expert' starts
waffling on about how we damage the planet, and put them in their

on the quiet find a way to run your V-Max on bio-ethanol and we're

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