The future depends on Motorcycles..

So yet again a car company looks ot the
world of motorcycles, in this case a trike concept, to save us all
from gas guzzling cars. BMW have released details of their latest
urban commuter concept the SIMPLE (which stands for: "Sustainable
and Innovative Mobility Product
for Low Energy consumption").

Looking a little like a wingless Viper from
Battlestar Galactica, the aerodynamically shaped three wheel vehicle
leans like a bike, and uses a hybrid engine to power it to a not
unimpressive 124mph. The big thing though is tank range with an
approximate 118 miles miles per gallon, surely a little bit of
touring could be achieved.

Just a concept at the moment from which
the company's car and bikes will no doubt benefit, but a very
interesting one, reminiscent of the now unfortunately bankrupt Carver
Europe and their Carver One vehicle

Check out more pictures and a video
here –

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